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HD photographs of L'Art Romain statue at the Grand Palais - Page 593

We were at the famous tourist attraction called the Grand Palais, which is located in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these high definition photos showing a statue called L'Art Romain, that was sculpted by Louis Clausade.

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L'Art Romain Statue Grand Palais Paris

This first HD photo shows a statue called L'Art Romain, which in English translates to The Roman Art, and this is part of a series of statues representing different arts from ancient times that also includes Greek Art, Egyptian Art and Asian Art.

L'Art Romain Statue Grand Palais Eastern Colonnade

Now this particular statue was commissioned for the Grand Palais, which was constructed for the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris, and now classified as an historical monument, it is located opposite the Petit Palais that was also built at the same time.

L'Art Romain Statue Between Grand Palais Columns

Incredibly, there were well over fifty different French artists that received commissions from the City of Paris to work on the Grand Palais in order to create sculptures, statues and other decorative art works, such as the mosaic that you can also see a part of behind the Roman Art statue.

L'Art Romain Statue By Louis Clausade

But being that the Grand Palais is over a hundred years old, there has been a major restoration project in place that started in the year 2000, so this allegorical statue of Roman Art was cleaned, and like the rest of them, it had a protective coating put over the stone, so that people will be able to admire these allegories for many years to come.

Looking Up At L'Art Romain Statue

So this photograph was taken looking up at L'Art Romain statue in between the columns that make up part of a colonnade on the Grand Palais, and colonnades have been used for centuries as an architectural feature to support an entablature, or a roof, as you can see here.

Grand Palais Allegorical Statue Roman Art

Now this particular statue was sculpted by Jean Marie Louis Clausade, usually just known as Louis Clausade, who was born in Toulouse in 1862, following in his fathers footsteps to become a French sculptor, and his most well known work is called the Monument to Beaumarchais, which is located in the 4th Arrondissement of Paris.

Statue L'Art Romain Front View

However, this close up high definition photograph shows the detailing that went into this stone statue of L'Art Romain, with one of the allegorical features being like an old Roman style column seat, but losing his parents at a young age, Louis Clausade struggled and had to work far harder than many other French sculptors.

Grand Palais East Colonnade L'Art Romain Statue

Yet having been a pupil of Alexandre Falguiere, Louis Clausade succeeded and received awards including at the Paris Salons for French Artists and won the Prix de Rome in 1892, but due to hard work, which was often very physical, strenuous and arduous, his health suffered.

Roman Art Statue By Jean Marie Louis Clausade

And unfortunately, Louis Clausade died of congestion after getting a cold while working on this particular statue at the Grand Palais, which was in the December of 1899, so although the statue was finished, regrettably, he was unable to see the inauguration of this.

Grand Palais South East Colonnade

Although, to finish on a more pleasant note, you can still admire this stone statue of Roman Art today, and this is positioned on the left hand side colonnade of the grand Palais, which you can see in this image, and this faces the Avenue Winston Churchill and is the closest colonnade to the River Seine.

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