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We were in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris at the Grand Palais, when we took these high definition photos showing a statue called L'Art et la Nature or La Sculpture, which was produced by Paul Gasq.

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L'Art et la Nature sculpture by sculptor Paul Gasq
This first HD photo shows the statue called L'Art et la Nature, which is also known as La Sculpture, however, it also has an additional name of La Revelation Artistique, and this translates in English to The Artistic Revelation, even though the first two are the most commonly used names for this statue group.
L'Art et la Nature sculpture on the Grand Palais
There were actually over forty different artists who were commissioned to produce different embellishments including statues and friezes for the Grand Palais, and this was just one of those, which was placed on the main facade of this building that was designed by Henri Deglane when it was constructed for the 1900 World Fair in Paris.
Left hand side of L'Art et la Nature sculpture
So here you can see the left hand side section of the Grand Palais known as a peristyle or colonnade in architectural terms with the Art and Nature or The Sculpture statue group located to the left of the main entrance in front of a window, which faces on to the Avenue Winston Churchill opposite the Petit Palais that was also constructed at the same time in collaboration with the architects who won the competition for their design.
Front and right hand side of L'Art et la Nature sculpture
You will find that some places state that the statue group of L'Art et la Nature or La Sculpture was produced in marble, whereas others state that this was produced in stone, however, we do know that this was sculpted by Paul Gasq and looking at the smoothness of the composition, plus the fact that many sculptors preferred marble as their material of choice, this is more likely.
Front of L'Art et la Nature sculpture next to Grand Palais
Now Paul Gasq was born in Dijon in 1860 and initially studying sculpture in his home town, he was then able to study at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and managing to obtain the Prix de Rome in 1890, he furthered his studies at the Villa Medici, which was the French Academy in Italy, prior to returning to France where he received several public commissions including this one of La Revelation Artistique, or The Artistic Revelation.
Right hand side of L'Art et la Nature sculpture
This particular statue group, as with many others, was designed as an allegory and inaugurated at the same time as the building on 1st May 1900 for the Exposition Universelle that was being held in Paris that year, and as we mentioned before, L'Art et la Nature is positioned to the left hand side of the Entrance to the Grand Palais, which played host to the motor show and had a hall dedicated to sculptures.
Front of L'Art et la Nature sculpture on pedestal
In fact, the French sculptor, Paul Gasq, also won a Grand Prize at this Universal Exhibition, known as the 1900 World Fair, but many other prizes and medals were awarded to different companies and countries for their entries, plus some of the latest technologies and inventions were presented at this exhibition, including talking films, diesel engines and escalators.
Artistic Revelation sculpture on east facade of the Grand Palais
But this photograph shows a side on view of La Sculpture statue group on the Grand Palais, which faces the Avenue Winston Churchill and the Petit Palais in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris, close to the Avenue des Chaps Elysees and the Pont Alexandre III, which was a new bridge also constructed for the 1900 Universal Exhibition.

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