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HD photographs of Nymphes de la Neva statue group on the Pont Alexandre III - Page 29

Again we were admiring the ornate Pont Alexandre III when we took these high definition photos showing the east side keystone sculpture called the Nymphes de la Neva, which was produced by the artist Georges Recipon.

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Nymphes De La Neva Statue Group Pont Alexandre III

This first HD photo shows the Pont ALexandre III eastern side statue group of its sculpted keystone called the Nymphes de la Neva, which in English translates to the Nymphs of Neva, and this is an allegory that represents Russia, with the gilded coat of arms of Russia in between the two nymphs.

Back Right Hand Side Nymphe Of Statue Group

But as you can see in this next image, the keystone is actually located on the outside edge of the Pont Alexandre III, and this bridge was named in recognition of the Franco-Russian Alliance of 1892, being named after the Tsar of Russia, Alexandre III, who concluded this alliance, which has become a popular tourist attraction in Paris.

Nymphes De La Neva Statue By Georges Recipon

So this sculpture was made from beaten copper by the artist Georges Recipon, and was designed by him as an allegorical statue depicting nymphs that would be on a river in Russia, being the Nymphs of Neva, which is located on the upstream side of the River Seine, whereas the other keystone is located opposite and represents France.

Back Left Hand Side Nymphe Of Statue Group

Yet when you are standing on this bridge over the River Seine, you will find that like in this photograph, you can only see the back part or this incredible sculpture of the Nymphes de la Neva, which was inaugurated at the same time as the Pont Alexandre III back in the April of 1900.

Pont Alexandre III Keystone Nymphes De La Neva

However, this image shows a different view of the keystone that we also took while on the bridge itself, showing more of the centre and the back of one of the nymphs, which was produced by the artist Georges Recipon, who was not only a French sculptor, but also a painter or portraits and landscapes.

RHS Nymph Eastern Side Pont Alexandre III

Now as we mentioned before, the Nymphes de la Neva was produced by Georges Recipon who was born in 1860 and initially worked with his father who was a goldsmith, yet upon entering the Ecole des Beaux Arts he became a landscape and portrait painter along with a sculptor.

Pont Alexandre III Nymph Of Neva

And Georges Recipon became most recognised for his impressive statues and sculptures including this one for the Pont Alexandre III, along with the other on the opposite side of the bridge called the Nymphes de la Seine, yet his other statue groups known as the quadrigas on the Grand Palais were also sculpted for the same 1900 Universal Exposition in Paris.

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