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We were admiring the most ornate bridge in Paris called the Pont Alexandre III when we took these high definition photos showing the gilded equestrian statue called Renommee des Arts, which was sculpted by Emmanuel Fremiet.

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Renommee des Arts statue by Emmanuel Fremiet
This first HD photo shows a close up of the gilded statue located on the Pont Alexandre III, which is called the Renommee des Arts, yet this is also known as Fame of the Arts, and is one of four golden statues that are often referred to as Pegasus held by Fame.
Renommee des Arts statue Pont Alexandre III
Now the Renommee des Arts is positioned on the top of a 17 metre high pillar, which is located on the right bank of the River Seine in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris, and as you can tell from this image, it is the statue on the upstream side, which is to the left of the bridge as you are looking at it from the river bank by the Grand Palais.
Statue Fame of the Arts Pont Alexandre III
So the Pont Alexandre III is classed as an historical monument in Paris and the most ornate bridge over the River Seine, which has become a popular tourist attraction to admire the gilded statues and numerous other decorations that were added to it from when it was constructed for the 1900 World Fair in Paris.
Back view of Renommee des Arts statue
We mentioned that the Renommee des Arts is also known as Pegasus held by Fame, and as you can see in this photograph showing the back of the horse, it has wings, and Pegasus is a winged horse in both Greek and Roman mythology, who was born from Poseiden and Medusa.
Renommee des Arts Statue on column
You will find that the Pont Alexandre III, which was named after Alexander III, the Tsar of Russia, has many different statues and sculptures with several different artists working on the numerous decorations, and the Fame of the Arts golden statue was produced by Emmanuel Fremiet.
Golden Pegasus horse statue Renommee des Arts
Emmanuel Fremiet was born in Montrouge within the Ile de France region back in 1824 and studied to become a French sculptor, and with his passion for animals he presented a Gazelle at a Paris Salon, and gaining a high reputation he went on to sculpt numerous animals and equestrian statues, including the basset hounds belonging to Napoleon III.
Golden statue on Pont Alexandre III
So although the Fames of Pegasus golden statues on the Pont Alexandre III are famous, with Emmanuel Fremiet sculpting both this one of the Renommee des Arts along with the other one on the same side called the Renommee des Sciences, the most famous work of this French sculptor is the gilded equestrian statue of Joan of Arc, which is located in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris.
Golden winged horse statue Pont Alexandre III
And with such high standing, Emmanuel Fremiet was elected a member of the Academie des Beaux Arts and also took the place of the animalier Antoine Louis Barye as the professor of drawing for the Natural History Museum in Paris, eventually passing away in Paris in 1910 after a long and successful career.
Pont Alexandre III golden statue on column
But this next image shows the grand scale of the Pont Alexandre III and we took this photo directly in front of the Renommee des Arts looking towards the opposite bank and Les Invalides, which is another famous tourist attraction in Paris where you can find the Tomb of Napoleon and different museums.
Pont Alexandre III statue Fame of the Arts
Now the Fame of the Arts depicting the mythical horse Pegasus was started in 1897 during the construction of the Pont Alexandre III, and it was in place on the top of the column that acts as one of the counterweights for this low bridge, and it was inaugurated in 1900, which was the same year that both the Grand Palais and Petit Palais were constructed for the Universal Exposition.
Pont Alexandre III north east column golden statue
Yet this photo shows a different angle of the Renommee des Arts as though we are looking upstream of the River Seine, and with its gilding of a golden colour, it makes this statue and the other three stand out and shine beautifully when the sun hits them.
Renommee des Arts golden statue front view
However, this last image shows another close up view looking at the face of the winged horse Pegasus rearing, yet being held by the Fame of the Arts, and if you look carefully you can see the reigns, yet at the bottom of the statue you can also see an artists palette, which is one of the allegorical features of this particular golden statue on the Pont Alexandre III.

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