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Again we were still admiring the golden statues on the Pont Alexandre III, and took these high definition photos showing the gilded statue called Renommee de l'Industrie, which was sculpted by Clement Steiner.

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Renommee de l'Industrie statue by Clement Steiner
This first HD photo shows the front view of the statue called Renommee de l'Industrie, which translates in English to Fame of Industry, and this is one of the four golden statues on the Pont Alexandre III, that was constructed for the 1900 Universal Exposition in Paris.
Renommee de l'Industrie statue on column
Now we took this photograph while standing on the Quai d'Orsay, which is located in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris, and here you can see the Renommee de l'Industrie statue along with the view over the River Seine towards the Grand Palais with its glass roof, which was also constructed for the 1900 World Fair.
Renommee de l'Industrie statue Pont Alexandre III
Yet this next close up shows some of the ornate detailing that went into producing this statue, which was initially started in 1897, and as you can tell, just like the other three, it shines beautifully when the sunlight catches it, and all four have the same theme of a winged horse and female figure.
Golden Pegasus held by Fame statue
The Renommee de l'Industrie is sometimes referred to as Pegasus held by Fame, and this statue was based upon the mythological creature called Pegasus, which is a winged horse in both Greek and Roman mythology who was born from Poseiden and Medusa.
Pont Alexandre III SW column with golden statue
And as you can see in this image, the Fame of Industry is positioned on the top of a column, which is actually 17 metres high, and located at each corner of the Pont Alexandre III, these were put in place to help with the stability of the bridge, by acting as counterweights, as this is a very low bridge over the River Seine.
Back view of Renommee de l'Industrie statue
So, the mythical creature Pegasus has been depicted in numerous sculptures, statues and paintings throughout the centuries, and here you can see the back of the statue and the fine detailing on the wings of this golden statue that was inaugurated in 1900 when the Pont Alexandre III was first opened.
Renommee de la Guerre statue Pont Alexandre III
However, even though this statue is called the Renommee de l'Industrie, some places do refer to this as the Renommee de la Guerre, or the Fame of War, and as you can see, the fame, or female figure is holding a type of horn, which could well symbolise the call to war.
Equestrian statue Renommee de la Guerre
And although we do not know if Renommee de la Guerre was the original name and was later changed to the Renommee de l'Industrie, it does make sense considering that it is located on the side of Les Invalides, which is now a popular tourist attraction in Paris that was originally constructed for war veterans and wounded soldiers.
Pont Alexandre III golden Pegasus statue
But in this high definition photo you can see another statue, located close to the pillar and the Fame of Industry, and there were numerous different artists who worked on the decorations for the Pont Alexandre III, which was named after the Tsar of Russia who concluded the Franco-Russian Alliance in 1892.
Golden winged horse Pont Alexandre III
In fact, the Pont Alexandre III has become known as the most extravagant and most ornate bridge over the River Seine, which was classified as an historical monument back in 1975 and is now one of the famous tourist attractions in Paris that millions of people see every year.
Pont Alexandre III Pegasus statue south west corner
But getting back to this golden statue of the Renommee de l'Industrie, or even Pegasus being held by Fame, as we mentioned before, this was started in 1897 and the artist commissioned for this statue was Clement Leopold Steiner, sometimes just known by either of his first names.
Gilded Pegasus being held by Fame statue
Now Clement Steiner, or Leopold Steiner was born in Paris in 1853 and followed in his fathers footsteps, studying to become a French sculptor and was a pupil of Francois Jouffroy at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, and he was one of the artists who worked on the mansion of Prince Roland Bonaparte, plus he produced several monuments statues and busts.
Equestrian statue Renommee de l'Industrie
Yet the most famous work of Clement Leopold Steiner is the Renommee de l'Industrie, sometimes also referred to as the Fame of War rather than Fame of Industry, yet he passed away when only in his 40s, which was in 1899, and unfortunately this gilded statue had to be completed by the artist Eugene Gantzin.
North side view of Renommee de l'Industrie
And we took this last HD photograph from the Pont Alexandre III looking toward Les Invalides with the Eglise du Dome, which is where you will find the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte, and it shows the location of the Renommee de l'Industrie gilded statue, positioned on the left bank of the River Seine on the downstream side of the bridge in the 7th Arrondissement.

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