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This time we were in the 7th Arrondissement but still at the Pont Alexandre III, when we took these high definition photos showing one of the ornate street lamp candelabras with the statues called Les Amours by Henri Desire Gauquie.

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SE Les Amours Candelabra by Henri Gauquie
The Pont Alexandre III is known as the most ornate bridge in Paris, which you can doubt tell from this first HD photo showing one of the elaborate lamps or candelabras that are positioned on it, which have statues surrounding it.
Les Amours Candelabra with bronze cupids
This particular sculpture is one of many that adorn the bridge, which was constructed for the 1900 World Fair in Paris, and numerous artists were commissioned for different embellishments, with the four candelabras being sculpted by Henri Desire Gauquie.
Les Amours Candelabra Pont Alexandre III SE corner
Now this one is located on the South East end of the Pont Alexandre III next to the 17 metre high column which has one of the gilded statues of Pegasus held by Fame on top, and this is located in the 7th Arrondissement on the upstream side of the River Seine close to Les Invalides that you can see in the background with the Eglise du Dome.
Bronze fish on Les Amours Candelabra
Yet this photograph shows a close up of one of the fish located at the base by the feet of the children known as Les Amours, or The Loves, however, sometimes these sculptures on the monumental candelabras are referred to as cupids with sea monsters rather than Les Armours avec poissons.
Bronze frogs on Pont Alexandre III SE candelabra
And this close up shows the frogs at the base of the same monumental street lamp, which was sculpted in bronze by Henri Desire Gauquie in 1899 and this, was put in place in readiness of the inauguration of the Pont Alexandre III in April 1900.
Bronze fish on south east candelabra
But keeping on an aquatic theme, this is another close up photo showing additional fish on the same sculpture surrounding the ornamental candelabra on the Pont Alexandre III, where you can see the detail that went into these, even right down to the menacing looking teeth.
Gauquie inscription Pont Alexandre III SE candelabra
So as we mentioned earlier, Les Amours, or The Loves, were produced by Henri Desire Gauquie who was born in 1858 and became a French sculptor, receiving several commissions for monuments, statues and sculptures, and like in this close up image, you can see that he normally inscribed his works with his surname.
Pont Alexandre III south east lamp post
And Henri Desire Gauquie sculpted the entire candelabra with the statues of the children holding the garlands surrounding it, along with the aquatic creatures at the base, yet he is most well known for his monuments dedicated to specific people, whether it be within cemeteries or public places throughout France.

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