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Again we were on the Pont Alexandre III, when we took these high definition photos showing a sculpture called Enfant au Poisson, or sometimes Genie au Trident, which was sculpted by Andre Massoule.

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Enfant au Poisson statue by Andre Massoule
You will find the Pont Alexandre III goes over the River Seine from the 7th Arrondissement to the 8th Arrondissement, and classified as an historical monument, it is also classed as the most ornate bridge in Paris, as you can probably tell from this HD photo showing some of the embellishments that were added to it.
Enfant au Poisson statue Pont Alexandre III
So this particular statue is called Enfant au Poisson, which in English translates to Child with Fish, although it is sometimes referred to as Genie au Trident, however this is also one of four sculptures all with a similar theme, that get referred to as the Genies avec des poissons ou des coquillages, which translates to Geniuses with fish or shellfish.
Fish head on Enfant au Poisson statue
Yet this image shows a close up of the head of the fish, which actually looks rather evil with its teeth, but hence why the most popular name is Enfant au Poisson, and this was inaugurated in the April of 1900 when the bridge was first opened for the Universal Exposition.
Statue Enfant au Poisson side view
Now this Child and Fish bronze sculpture can be found on the left bank of the River Seine, which is in the 7th Arrondissement by another popular tourist attraction in Paris called Les Invalides, and positioned next to one of the columns that has a golden statue on top, this is on the upstream side or South East corner.
Pont Alexandre III statue Child with Fish
And this is one of the two Genies avec des poissons ou des coquillages sculptures that were produced by Andre Paul Arthur Massoule who was born in Epernay in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France in 1851, yet known by just Andre Massoule, his surname is sometimes spelt as Massoulle.
Back view of Enfant au Poisson statue
However, unfortunately Andre Massoule had a very short career as a French sculptor after studying under Jules Cavelier, as he passed away in Paris a few months before his fiftieth birthday, and only just over a year after this bronze statue on the Pont Alexandre III was inaugurated.

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