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This time while we were admiring the ornate Pont Alexandre III, we took these high definition photos showing the gilded statue called Renommee du Commerce, which was sculpted by Pierre Granet.

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Renommee du Commerce statue by Pierre Granet
This first HD photo shows a gilded statue on the Pont Alexandre III called the Renommee du Commerce, which means the Fame of Business or Fame of Commerce, however, some places also refer to the statue by the name of La Renommee au Combat, which generally translates in English to the Fame of War.
Renommee du Commerce statue on Pont Alexandre III
Now this next image shows the Renommee du Commerce statue located on the top of the 17 metre high pillar, which is one of the four columns that were constructed as counterweights for this particular bridge over the River Seine to help stability due to its span and low height.
Pegasus held by Fame statue on Pont Alexandre III
And the Pont Alexandre III was initially constructed for the 1900 World Fair so that people had easy access from Les Invalides to the new ornate buildings on the opposite bank called the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais, but this was also why the bridge was designed to be low for the views, but also why it was to be so ornate.
Pont Alexandre III statue Renommee du Commerce
Yet this next photo shows an entirely different view of the gilded statue called Renommee du Commerce, but this is often referred to as Pegasus held by Fame, and as you can see, it looks like the female figure, or Fame, is holding the reigns of the winged horse whilst it is rearing up.
Pont Alexandre III SE column and Renommee du Commerce
But this next high definition photograph shows not only this golden statue by Pierre Granet, but also the opposite one on the same side, which is the left bank of the River Seine, and both of these were sculpted by different artists, and many different sculptors were also commissioned to produce other statues and sculptures for this impressive bridge.
Back view of Renommee du Commerce statue
However, here you can see a close up showing the back of the gilded statue that shows the wings in fine detail in reference to Pegasus, who is one of the most well known creatures in Greek mythology and also in Roman mythology with exactly the same name, which is quite unusual as many Gods etc have different names between the two.
SE golden winged horse statue Pont Alexandre III
Now as we mentioned earlier, this gilded statue is called Renommee du Commerce, however, because the female figure is holding a sword, you can understand why this sometimes gets referred to as the Renomee au Combat, and although we cannot be certain, we think this was original name, due to it being close to Les Invalides, which was constructed for war veterans and wounded soldiers.
Pont Alexandre III SE corner column
And in this image that we took while on the Pont Alexandre III, you can see the Fame of Commerce statue located in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris as we were looking towards Les Invalides and the Eglise du Dome, which is where you will find the Tomb of Napoleon along with other museums.
SE golden statue on Alexandre III bridge in Paris
So as we mentioned earlier, the Renommee du Commerce statue was produced by Pierre Granet who was born in the Aquitaine region of France in the first part of the 1840s, and studying to become a sculptor he first presented a work at the 1869 Salon for French artists.
View over Alexandre III bridge with golden statue
He was eventually awarded the Legion of Honour in 1900, which is the same year that he won a gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris, and Pierre Granet continued working right up until he passed away in 1910, with some of his other sculptures also located in Paris, however, many of his statues and different works like busts can be seen in Bordeaux.
Golden statue Renommee du Commerce
Yet this last photograph shows another close up of the golden statue called Renommee du Commerce, or Fame of Commerce with the mythical horse Pegasus, and this was one of the ornate embellishments that was inaugurated in 1900 when the Pont Alexandre III was first opened.

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