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This time we were admiring some more different statues that are located on the Pont Alexandre III and these high definition photos show the lion statue called Lion a l'Enfant, which was sculpted by Georges Gardet.

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Lion a l'Enfant statue by Georges Gardet
Now there are actually four different lion statues that were sculpted for the Pont Alexandre III, and this one is called the Lion a l'Enfant, which in English translates to Lion and Child, and it was inaugurated at the same time as the bridge and the 1900 World fair in Paris.
Lion a l'Enfant statue east side
Yet this photo shows the front of the somber lion statue with its very realistic features along with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and this particular sculpture called the Lion and child is the North West one, which is located on the right bank of the River Seine in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris by the Grand Palais.
Lion a l'Enfant statue Pont Alexandre III
And here you can see another perspective that also shows one of the four columns on the Pont Alexandre III, which was named after the Tsar of Russia who concluded the Franco-Russian Alliance and also has embellishments of different allegorical statues, hence why this bridge is known as the most ornate and extravagant in Paris.
Lion a l'Enfant statue Pont Alexandre III NW corner
So, as we mentioned earlier, this lion statue was produced by Georges Gardet who was born in 1863 and he followed in his fathers footsteps to become a sculptor himself, entering the Ecole des Beaux Arts and the workshops of Aime Millet and Emmanuel Fremiet who was an animalier.
Pont Alexandre III statue Lion and Child
And this spurred a passion to become a sculptor of animals himself, with his first major success coming at the 1891 Paris Salon after Georges Gardet presented a work entitled Drama in the Desert that can now be found at Parc Montsouris.

But Georges Gardet received numerous commissions for other wild animal statues including this Lion a l'Enfant statue group for the Pont Alexandre III, plus several can be found at other famous tourist attractions in Paris including within the Luxembourg gardens, plus some of his works can be found in museums throughout France and even in America.

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