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HD photographs of Baigneuse Se Coiffant statue by Aristide Maillol - Page 541

We were again within the Jardin du Carrousel, which is a section of the Tuileries Gardens and the Musee du Louvre located in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, and we took these high definition photos showing the statue called Baigneuse Se Coiffant, by Aristide Maillol.

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Baigneuse Se Coiffant Statue By Aristide Maillol

This first HD photo showing the statue called Baigneuse Se Coiffant, which was first designed back in 1898, and he produced a full size marble version for a Danish patron, Johannes Rump, and according to Sotherbys, Dina Vierny stated that there were eight bronze casts produced, all of which were signed by Maillol and six of these were numbered as well.

Aristide Maillol Statue Baigneuse Se Coiffant

Now in this view showing the Bather Styling Her Hair, if you look carefully at the base of the statue in front of the left foot, you will see that this has been inscribed with the monogram incorporating an A and M, which Aristide Maillol often used on many sculptures that were cast during his lifetime.

Bronze Statue Baigneuse Se Coiffant

And as with many of the sculptures produced by Maillol, this represents a nude female figure, interpreted with a sense of natural beauty through the curves and sensuality that inspired the French artist so much, and this bronze was cast in 1930, and placed within the Jardin du Carrousel in 1964 after being donated to the city of Paris by the late Dina Vierny, who was his model and muse for the last ten years of his life.

Plaque On Baigneuse Se Coiffant Statue

Yet this last photo shows a plaque located on the small base of this bronze statue, and as you can see, it mentions the artist with his year of birth and death along with the year of 1930 when the bronze was cast.

Plus it also states the name Baigneuse Se Coiffant, which can be quite confusing when translated to English, as Baigneuse is Bather and Se Coiffant is Her Hair, but adding these together you can also get a translation of Bather Styling, referring to the bather styling her hair, which is more appropriate and the correct meaning of this statue.

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