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HD photographs of Jeu de Paume inside Jardin des Tuileries - Page 54

We were in the Jardin des Tuileries located within the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these high definition photos showing the Jeu de Paume in Paris.

[ Map of Tuileries Garden ]

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Jeu De Paume Building Terrasse Du Jeu De Paume Tuileries Gardens

This first HD photo shows a building called the Jeu de Paume, which is located within the Tuileries Gardens on the north western side close to the Place de la Concorde on the upper terrace that was originally constructed by Andre Le Notre.

Front Of Jeu De Paume In Jardin Des Tuileries

Here you can see the front entrance to the Jeu de Paume, and this name translates in English to Palm Game, because originally many centuries ago this was a game played on a court by hitting the ball with your hands, which was prior to racquets being introduced in the 1700s, when it became very similar to tennis.

North Facade Jeu De Paume In Jardin Des Tuileries

You will find that the building to house the Jeu de Paume court was constructed in 1861 under the orders of Napoleon III, because this was a sport traditionally played inside, and there are courts at many famous castles in France such as Chateaux of Versailles and Fontainebleu, hence why this was constructed for the Tuileries Palace.

East Facade Jeu De Paume In Jardin Des Tuileries

This photo shows the back of the Jeu de Paume and a perspective looking down the side, with the dimensions of the building being 13 metres in width and 80 metres in length, which was used as a tennis court up until 1909, when its purposed changed to become an exhibition venue, then a museum called the Musee Jeu de Paume.

Pediment Sculpture Entrance Jeu De Paume

However, this is a close up photograph we took showing the top pediment above the entrance to the Jeu de Paume, which as you can tell has a shield in the centre with an eagle depicting the Empire, and below this, if you look carefully, you can see the letter N relating to Napoleon.

North Side Doorway On Jeu De Paume Building

Here is another entrance door located on the side of the building with its name of Musee du Jeu de Paume above, and originally this housed contemporary art works such as those of Pablo Picasso, but when the Nazis took over Paris during World War II it became a store for the art they had confiscated.

Stone Plaque South Side Of Jeu De Paume

Whereas this shows another close up photo of a plaque located on the building, and when translated into English this reads;

From autumn 1940 to summer 1944, the Jeu de Paume building was requisitioned by the occupation forces to store, sort and ship stolen art to Germany that had been collected from art dealers, artists and private individuals of Jewish confession.

On the Order of Jacques Jaujard, director of National Museums, Rose Valland, attached to the Jeu de Paume Museum for conservation followed and recorded daily these operations without the knowledge of the occupier, despite the risks.

This mission provided the location and permitted restitution of more than 45,000 works of art.

The present plaque was unveiled on 27th April 2005 by Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, Minister of Culture and Communication, in homage to this act of courage and resistance.

Tuileries Tourist information Board For Jeu De Paume

So here you can see a tourist information board, which is located on the Terrasse du Jeu de Paume, which in English generally reads;

The Jeu de Paume was edified by architect Viraut in 1862 on the extremities of the Terrasse de Feuillants, at the initiative of a private circle.

It was transformed to house first a concert hall and a museum of contemporary art of foreign Schools (1922-1939), then the Impressionist art(1947-1986).

Restructured in 1991, it is henceforth dedicated to contemporary photography.

West Facade Jeu De Paume

But here you can see the front facade of what is now called the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume within the Jardin des Tuileries, and as you can tell, there is a ramp to the front entrance making this suitable for the disabled, plus there is a ramp known as the Rampe Nord within the gardens that takes you to the north western terrace called the Terrasse du Jeu de Paume, for those that cannot used the stairs.

Map Of Tuileries Gardens   

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