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HD photographs of Venus the Goddess of Love statue by Aristide Maillol - Page 539

We were within the Jardin du Carrousel of the Musee du Louvre in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these high definition photos of a statue called Venus, the Goddess of Love, which was sculpted by Aristide Maillol.

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Venus The Goddess Of Love Statue

The Jardin du Carrousel is a specific area within the Tuileries Gardens that is dedicated to Maillol statues, which forms a part of the open air museum section of the Musee du Louvre, and these sculptures were donated to the City of Paris by Dina Vierny, who was the last model for Aristide Maillol, and they were put in place in 1964.

Goddess Of Love Statue By Aristide Maillol

Now this next HD photo shows the statue of Venus by Aristide Maillol, and this particular sculpture is also sometimes referred to as Venus Without Necklace, as the first version of the statue of Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty does have a necklace.

The original was started in 1918, and eventually after several years of perfecting the pose with the help of his beautiful Catalan maid, Therese, he perfected the arms and hands, which were designed to be holding a pearl necklace, which is a reference to Venus in mythology, who was meant to have been born of sea foam and is often portrayed on a shell, like an oyster shell, which is where pearls come from.

Statue Of Venus The Goddess Of Love

The original statue in plaster called Venus Avec Collier was presented at the 1928 Salon and received such acclaim that it was purchased by the British State and the same year the first bronze was cast and purchased by Swiss collectors, and this sculpture became so popular that Aristide Maillol went on to produce a very similar statue.

However, his next statue of Venus was sculpted without a necklace, and a bronze cast of this particular statue is what you can see in this close up photograph, and it was designed in the same way with an elegant, yet sumptuous female nude, with one hand almost beckoning and the other shows a gentle rejection type gesture, which again relates to Venus in mythology as the Goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility and desire.

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