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HD photographs of 1695 Veturie statue in Jardin des Tuileries - Page 665

We took these high definition photos showing a statue called Veturie, which was sculpted by Pierre II Legros and this is located within the Jardin des Tuileries in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris.

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Marble Veturie Statue In Jardin Des Tuileries

This first HD photo shows the statue of Veturie, which in English is spelt Veturia and comes from the Latin name, although the statue is also sometimes called Le Silence or Vestale, yet this is a copy of an ancient statue from Rome that depicts Veturia a Roman Matron.

Head And Body Of Veturie Statue In Paris

Now this next photograph shows a close up of the beautiful woman who encouraged her son to get involved with Roman politics, however, things did not go well, and her son eventually marched upon Rome laying siege to the city, and according to historical accounts, Veturia went to the camp and begged her son to cease the crusade.

LHS View Of Marble Veturie Statue

So the Romans ended up honouring Veturia for her courage, patriotism and strength, having been successful where many men had failed, and therefore she became a role model of Roman female virtue, which is why there was an ancient statue of her at the Villa Medici in Rome, that is actually now located in Florence.

Marble Veturie Statue By Sculptor Pierre II Legros

But getting back to this Verturie statue located within the Tuileries Gardens in Paris, this was produced by Pierre II Legros, who is also referred to as Pierre Legros the Younger, as his father had the same name, and he was born in Paris in 1666 to a family of artists, and followed his father by becoming a French sculptor.

RHS View Of Marble Veturie Statue

Pierre II Legros, who always signed his name as Le Gros, managed to win the Prix de Rome to study at the French Academy in Italy and while there wished to prove himself by producing a marble copy of the antique statue of Veturia, and after being granted permission to produce this, it was finished in 1695, eventually being shipped from Rome to Paris.

Marble Statue Of Veturie On Pedestal In Tuileries Gardens

Eventually this marble statue arrived in Paris some twenty years after completion and was probably destined for the Chateau de Versailles, however, it was placed within the Jardin des Tuileries in 1722, which is where it has remained ever since in the western part of these former royal gardens.

Information Plaque On The Veturie Statue

Yet in this close up photo you can see the plaque located on the base of the statue, and like we mentioned earlier, this is referred to by three different names in French of Veturie, Le Silence and Vestale, with the last one relating to a Roman priestess, rather than a Roman Matron in the first name.

Back Of The 1695 Veturie Statue By Pierre Legros

However, in this HD photo, you can not only see the statue of Veturie, or Veturia, with the flowing gown, but in the distance you can also see one of the most famous tourist attractions in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, and hence we were looking towards the River Seine when we took this picture close to the Octagonal Grand Basin in the Jardin des Tuileries.

Tuileries Gardens Veturia Statue Sculpted 1695

And in this last photograph you can see the entire marble statue of Veturia positioned on its large pedestal base, which as we mentioned earlier, was sculpted by Pierre II Legros, who in fact spent the majority of his life in Rome, passing away in the same city in 1719, and he was buried in the French National Church in Rome.

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