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We were at the Square Barye in the 4th Arrondissement of Paris when we took these high definition photos showing the statue called L'Ordre, which was originally sculpted by Antoine Louis Barye.

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Marble L'Ordre statue in Square Barye
In this first HD photo you can see a statue group made of marble called L'Ordre, which in English translates to The Order, and this is an allegory, which was originally commissioned to Antoine Louis Barye by the architect Hector Lefeul.
Side view of L'Ordre statue group
Now originally, this statue group was commissioned for the facade of the former Palais du Louvre on the Pavillon Denon wing, and originally this French sculptor produced a plaster model, which was approved on 18th December 1854 and the original was put in place in 1855 on what is now called the Musee du Louvre.

However, this was replaced with a copy in 1992 and the original was placed within the Musee du Louvre, yet has now been transferred to another popular tourist attraction in Paris called the Musee d'Orsay.
L'Ordre statue group on monument to Barye
Yet the allegorical statue of The Order you can see in this photograph is positioned on the right hand side of the Barye Monument, which was inaugurated in 1894 and dedicated to the famous animalier sculptor Antoine Louis Barye, and this was executed by Laurent Marqueste, who was also a well respected French sculptor in his time.
L'Ordre statue group designed by sculptor Antoine Louis Barye
So this close up photo shows L'Ordre statue group with a young boy and a man sitting, who is classed as a hero, plus you can see the tiger roaring, which is the main aspect defining the allegory of Order, and Antoine Louis Barye is famous for his animal sculptures, with hundred of casts of different compositions being found throughout the world.
Back view of L'Ordre statue group
And in this last image you can see the back of the Monument to Barye with The Order statue to the left and The Force statue to the right, which can be found within the Square Barye, that is located at the tip of the Ile Saint Louis island in the River Seine.

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