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HD photos of Square Barye on the Ile Saint Louis in Paris

Located on the tip of the Ile Saint Louis you can find Square Barye that is dedicated to the sculptor Antoine Louis Barye, and within its gardens close to the entrances you will see a large monument that has been built in his honour, but you also have the tranquil and lovely planted gardens to enjoy, along with some great views over the River Seine.
High definition photograph of Square Barye South side on the Ile Saint Louis

Square Barye South Side

Here you can see a view over the River Seine to the Ile Saint Louis island, and we took this picture while on the left bank admiring the immense greenery and trees that belong to the Square Barye.

Photo of the historical monument inside Square Barye

Square Barye Monument

This monument in Paris dedicated to Antoine Louis Barye was produced by Laurent Marqueste and was first inaugurated on the 18th June 1894 close to where the French sculptor once resided at the Quai Celestine, and in this image you can see one of the stone statue groups that are located on either side.

HD photograph of right hand side stone sculpture on the Square Barye monument

RHS Stone Sculpture On Square Barye Monument

This is a close up photo showing the right hand side groups of statues that flank either side of a monument within the Square Barye, which were produced as replicas of the originals by the sculptor that this pretty square commemorates.

Picture of stone sculpture on the Square Barye monument

Stone Sculpture On Square Barye Monument

This particular photo of the Barye monument shows the group of statues depicting a man with his sword protecting a young boy from what looks to be a leopard.

HD photograph of left hand side stone sculpture on the Square Barye monument

LHS Stone Sculpture On Square Barye Monument

This close up photograph shows the left hand side statue group of a man and young boy this time with a lion that all carved in stone, which is to the left of the pedestal as you are looking at the monument with the face of Barye.

Photo showing the bronze statue of Theseus Fighting the Centaur Bienor on top of the Square Barye monument

Square Barye Bronze Statue

With a backdrop of a blue sky, we took this photo of the bronze statue group on the top of the monument in the Square Barye, which is called the Theseus Fighting the Centaur Bienor, and this is a replica put in place in 2011, after the original was meted down during the Second World War.

High definition photo showing all three statues on the Square Barye monument

Statues On The Square Barye Monument

This is a photo we took of the monument located within the Square Barye, and on the main pedestal, you can see a beautifully carved bust depicting the sculptor located within a circle and if you look carefully you can see his surname along with his date of birth and death, 1795 - 1875, which are inscribed in the stone beneath.

This photo shows the central pathway through Square Barye on the Ile Saint Louis

Square Barye Central Pathway

As you have entered the Square Barye you will discover the monument that is to the left of the image, but you can also see the central pathway, which goes to the end of the garden at the tip of the Ile saint Louis island and is a lovely place for a relaxing stroll amidst greenery.

View looking towards the end of the Square Barye gardens on the tip of Ile Saint Louis

Square Barye Gardens End

As you can tell from this photo the tip of the Ile Saint Louis where the Square Barye is located, is actually in the form of a triangle shape, and this provides a romantic setting with lovely views further along the River Seine and across to the river banks where you can discover other tourist attractions like the Jardin Tino Rossi.

Photograph of the different trees and shrubs within Square Barye gardens

Square Barye Trees And Shrubs

The Square Barye is a lovely tranquil garden in Paris located on the Ile Saint Louis, which is right at the tip of the island and is a very little known square that is a great place to relax on the park benches in the shade, as you can tell from this photograph we took.

View of the peaceful gardens with park benches you can find within Square Barye

Square Barye Park Benches

This is a view of the centre area of the Square Barye that we took while on the Ile Saint Louis and if you look carefully at the image, you will see that it is right near the tip of the island where you have lovely views of the River Seine.

Photo looking out of Square Barye towards Boulevard Henri IV and the entrances to this park

Square Barye Entrances

We took this photo of the Square Barye while looking towards the entrance of this peaceful and little known garden in Paris, yet even by looking very carefully at the monument in this image, it is hard to see that there is a magnificent bronze sculpture adorning the top, after it had been missing for well over 50 years.

You will also find a Wallace drinking water fountain inside Square Barye which is close to the entrance

Square Barye Wallace Drinking Water Fountain

Whether it be for decoration or for drinking water, you will find that there are numerous fountains in Paris that are dotted all over the city, and this particular one we took a picture of, sometimes referred to as a Wallace Fountain, is located within the Square Barye, and provides a lovely refreshing drink of water, which we utilised to top up our water bottles.

Photo of Square Barye information board which hangs just at the entrance to the park

Square Barye Information Board

This is a photo we took of the sign produced by the Mayor of Paris that is located at the entrance to the Square Barye, which as you can tell, provides some details about this pretty square that was designed in 1938, even though the monument was already in place even before the start of this century.

This photograph shows the North side of Square Barye on the Ile Saint Louis Island

Square Barye North Side

While we were standing on the Pont de Sully bridge, which connects the Ile Saint Louis to both banks of the River Seine, we took this photo that shows a part of the Northern perimeter of the Square Barye located at the tip of the island, and as you can tell, it is a very quiet and tranquil place.

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Square Barye
2 Boulevard Henri IV
Ile Saint Louis
Ile de France

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