La Salle de Traditions de la Garde Republicaine museum in Paris

The Traditions of the Republican Guard is a museum dedicated to showing the traditional aspects of the French cavalry, infantry and military bands and the continuation of these traditions, including exhibits such as uniforms, musical instruments, weapons, and much more.

About the Salle de Traditions de la Garde Republicaine

Sometime known as the Musee de Traditions de la Garde Republicaine, it was first opened back in 1985 and containing over 1500 different exhibits, it presents the history of the guard with different constructions and models, and the living traditions that continue today.
Salle de Traditions de la Garde Republicaine
This aspect of the republican Guard is often misunderstood, even by Parisiens, and having been established in an old stable, the idea of this museum in Paris is to showcase utensils used in the daily care of animals, different equipment used such as the musical instruments for the military bands, etc.

However, rather than just being about what it represents today, you can discover the history of the Republican Guard with old uniforms, the headdresses and different arms such as swords that are carried, plus there is documentation, military archives, paintings, sculptures and much more.

So if you happen to be lucky enough to see one of their fabulous parades or demonstrations, you will understand a little more about the traditions by visiting La Salle de Traditions de la Guarde Republicaine, and no doubt fully appreciate the commitment these people have to this old institution.

Visiting La Salle de Traditions de la Garde Republicaine

The Salle de Traditions de la Garde Republicaine is open every day from 10am through to 5pm and you will be pleased to know that this museum is completely free of charge for everyone.

The museum is located on the right bank close to the Pont Sully and the River Seine in the 4th Arrondissement, yet is also within walking distance of the Place de la Bastille Square in Paris and the architecture exhibition centre called the Pavillon de l’Arsenal.

But when it comes to utilising public transport in Paris, the nearest Metro station is the Sully - Morland stop, or you have the Bastille stop in the opposite direction.