Petit Musee de la Table de La Tour d’Argent

This is a small museum in Paris linked to the famous haute cuisine restaurant called the Tour d’Argent, which is located on the left bank of the River Seine with views to the Pont de la Tournelle bridge and Notre Dame Cathedral.

About the Musee de la Table de La Tour d’Argent

The Small Museum of the Table, as it is known in English, was established back in the 1950s by Claude Terrail, who had taken over the running of the prestigious haute cuisine restaurant in Paris called the Tour d’Argent.
Petit Musee de la Table de La Tour d’Argent facade
And this is a gastronomic museum in Paris that provides displays of tableware, cutlery and different kitchen tools, including a silver duck press, which is identical to the duck press used today for their famous duck dish of Canard au Sang, where every duck cooked this way is even given a number.

Also at the Petit Musee de la Table de La Tour d’Argent you can discover numerous items of memorabilia from times gone by, such as an original menu from the maiden voyage of the ship called Normandie, letters and notes that have been written to the restaurant from famous people including royalty, celebrities and politicians, like Bill Clinton, along with photographs which include Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip when they visited in 1948.

There are also some very old bottles of French wine on show in cabinets, yet probably the most impressive display, is that of a table, which is laid out exactly as it would have been for a royal assembly and prestigious event that took place in Paris back in 1867.
This event included the Czar of Russia and the King of Prussia as guests, and you can even get to see the sumptuous menu that they were served, although one of the French delicacies of cuisine was not mentioned, which is Foie Gras, as at the time, it was the wrong time of year for that dish to be served.

Visiting the Petit Musee de la Table de La Tour d’Argent

You will find the Petit Musee de la Table de La Tour d’Argent in the 5th Arrondissement facing towards the Pont de la Tournelle bridge over the River Seine, and it is located on the ground floor below the Tour d’Argent top table gourmet restaurant in Paris.

The museum itself is actually the reception area where you would first enter and enjoy an aperitif before going up in the lift to the main dining room of the restaurant, but this unfortunately means that it is only accessible to those that have booked a table for lunch or dinner at the Tour d’Argent.
Dinnerware at Petit Musee de la Table de La Tour d’Argent
Silverware at Petit Musee de la Table de La Tour d’Argent
We would also like to point out that the Petit Musee de la Table de La Tour d’Argent is only open when the restaurant is open for service, and therefore it is always closed on a Sunday and Monday, plus during the month of August, which is when you will find many different restaurants in Paris closed along with other family run establishments.

Now if you have your own vehicle, then you may be pleased to know that valet parking is available and this museum plus restaurant also has disabled access.

However, there are also different options available utilising the public transport network in Paris, which include the Metro station called the Pont Marie stop via line 7 on the opposite bank, or the Cardinal Lemoine stop via line 10.  Yet there is also a Batobus water bus docking station on the River Seine opposite the Ile de la Cite island and Notre Dame Cathedral.