Square Paul Langevin in Paris

The Square Paul Langevin is an unusual garden in Paris that has a monumental staircase, statues and a fountain dating from the 1700s, along with more modern features such as park benches and a childrens playground.

About Square Paul Langevin

This pretty garden and square in Paris backs on to the imposing wall of the former Ecole Polytechique and has some very unusual features including a monumental staircase, which is covered in ivy supported by a trellis, and dominates the centre of the area with the old school as a backdrop.
Square Paul Langevin Paris
On the borders of the Square Paul Langevin you will find beautiful magnolias with their large flowers that are an ideal place to relax on a park bench in the shade, plus there are many other types of flora to admire and enjoy including trees such as sycamore, ash and American walnut.

There are also some other unusual features within the Square Paul Langevin including two Renaissance stone niches that used to contain statues of two famous figures, one being Aubry and the other Violes.  There was also once a statue of Francois Villon that stood on a pedestal along with one of Voltaire, yet these bronze statues were both melted down.  However, there is now a larger marble statue of Francois Villon, which is a more recent addition.

You can also discover a fountain that dates back to the 1700s, along with old friezes and a medallion with the inscription of Ingres, which are located on the wall.  Yet there is also a far more modern aspect of a childrens playground, which does mean that you can sit and relax on one of the park benches while the little ones play and enjoy themselves.

Visiting Square Paul Langevin

The Square Paul Langevin is located in the 5th Arrondissment close to different tourist attractions in Paris like the Musee Cluny and is open from 8am on weekdays throughout the year, yet 9am on weekends and National French holidays.

However, closing time does depend upon the time of year, and in the winter months this can be as early as 5.30pm, but during the summer months this garden stays open until 8.30pm.

You will find that some areas of this square in Paris are accessible to the disabled, although there is quite a narrow gate to negotiate in order to get access to the garden, but if you are thirsty, then there is a drinking fountain you can use to top up your water bottles.
Square Paul Langevin statue
Square Paul Langevin fountain
And when it comes to getting to the Square Paul Langevin, the nearest Metro station is the Cardinal Lemoine stop or you have the Maubert Mutuality stop, both via line 10, yet the bus numbers 63 and 86 will also get you close by.  But if you are using the Velib self service cycle hire in Paris, then there is actually one of the stations located on the same road as this garden in Paris.