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This time we were visiting the Place du Pantheon that is located in the Latin Quarter within the 5th Arrondissement of Paris when we took these high definition photos of a statue depicting the French playwright Pierre Corneille that was sculpted by artist Gabriel Rispal.

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Pierre Corneille statue by Gabriel Noel Rispal
So in this first photo, you can see an angled view of the stone statue depicting Pierre Corneille that has been positioned on a square stone pedestal, with his name and years of birth and death on it, and in the image you can also see a part of the famous burial place of the Pantheon positioned behind.
Statue of Pierre Corneille by Gabriel Rispal
While we were looking along the Place du Pantheon towards the beautiful church called the Eglise Saint Etienne du Mont you can see in the background, we took this front view HD photograph of the Pierre Corneille statue, which was put in the same place where another statue was once located, which was melted down during World War II.
Paris statue of French playwright Pierre Corneille
In this photo you can see the north side view of the stone statue of Pierre Cornelle, which was sculpted in 1952 by the artist Gabriel Rispal, and if you look carefully at the image, you may be able to make out the initials and surname of the sculptor.
Pierre Corneille statue at the Pantheon in Paris
Now this photo shows a close up of the statue, and you can see there are different aspects that portray Corneille in his role as a French playwright, after having written tragedy and comedy plays for over forty years, like the face at his feet and the manuscripts in his hand.
Sculpted face on Pierre Corneille statue in Paris
Following on the from the photograph above, we took this close up photo showing the bottom of the statue with its sculpted face positioned in between the feet on the stone plinth, that has been signed by the artist Gabriel Noel Rispal, who was once a student at the Paris Beaux Arts school and passed away in 1970.
The Pierre Corneille statue north side
And again on the same north side of the statue, which took this photo looking up, which gives you a perspective of how tall this statue is when you compare it to the top of the lamp post located just behind by the railings of the Pantheon.
Inscription on Pierre Corneille statue
In this close up photo you can see the name of P. Corneille, which is located on the base, or pedestal, of the statue dedicated to this French playwright, and he was born in Rouen on 6th June 1604 and died in Paris on 1st October 1684, after having been recognised as an impressive tragedian with his most famous work being the play called Le Cid.
Pierre Corneille statue at Place du Pantheon in Paris
And in this last HD photo you can see the south side of the Pierre Corneille statue in Paris, which is located within Place du Pantheon right next to the famous Pantheon church and very close to the Bibliotheque Saint Genevieve you can see behind it.

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