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We were this time in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris at the Place du Pantheon named after the famous tourist attraction of The Pantheon, when we took these high definition photos showing the sculptured candelabra by Victor Baltard and pedestal, which is a Memorial to Alexandre Massiani.

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Bronze candelabra Memorial to Alexandre Massiani
This first HD photo shows the ornate sculptured candelabra made of bronze, and this is one of two that are located on the perimeter of The Pantheon, which is a famous burial place containing tombs of people such as Victor Hugo, that has become a well known and very popular tourist attraction in Paris and these candelabras were produced by the French sculptor and artist Victor Baltard.
Memorial to Alexandre Massiani at Place du Pantheon
So this shows the location of this memorial sculpture which would be on the left hand side as you are looking at The Pantheon and the building you can see to the right of the mage is called the Faculte de Droit, and all these plus other tourist attractions are located within the square called the Place du Pantheon.
Bronze candelabra by Victor Baltard
We took this photo looking up at the ornate bronze candelabra sculpture and in the background you can see part of The Pantheon with its ornate pediment and the Corinthian columns, that was originally meant to be a church called the Eglise St Genevieve named after the patron saint of Paris, which was designed by Jaques Germain Soufflot.
Information plaque on Alexandre Massiani memorial
Following on from the photo above, in this close up image you can see a plaque located on the pedestal, which when translated from French to English generally reads:

Old Church St Genevieve

Monument began in 1754 on the plans of Soufflot.
Assigned to the burial of great men by the Constituent Assembly on 4th April 1791.
Alexandre Massiani memorial plaque
Yet this is a close up HD photo showing another plaque located on the pedestal of the ornate bronze vase and when this is translated into English, it generally reads:

Here was killed for the Liberation of 19th August 1944 the Guardian of Peace, Alexandre Massiani.
Alexandre Massiani memorial candelabra
So, the Liberation of Paris was a major military combat that took place within the capital from the 19th April during World War II, yet it also involved numerous volunteers of ordinary men who had joined the Free France Forces and the Resistance, one of which was Alexandre Massiani.

Unfortunately it was on this first day of the Liberation when German forces opened fire on Alexandre Massiani and his comrades from the Mayors office that they had taken over, which is the yellowish coloured building you can see a part of in the background of this image.

And even though they all dropped to the floor or ran to try and avoid the bullets, Alexandre Massiani was shot in the neck and died, leaving his mother and a three year old daughter behind, yet his name still lives on within the capital city by one of the most famous monuments.

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