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While we were within the Place du Pantheon, which is located within the Latin Quarter of Paris in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris, we took these high definition photos of the J J Rousseau statue, which is located right next to the Pantheon.

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau statue by Andre Bizette-Lindet
In this first photograph you can see a front on view of the stone statue of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who was a writer, philosopher and composer of music and operas, with his political philosophy influencing The Enlightenment.
J J Rousseau statue by Andre Bizette-Lindet in Paris
This is an angled photograph we took of the statue of J J Rousseau, who died in Ermenonville in the Oise department of Picardy, however, in 1794 his remains were removed and he was interred within The Pantheon, which is the building you can see a part of behind.
J J Rousseau statue in Place du Pantheon Paris
This is a view looking east along the Place du Pantheon towards the Rue Clotilde, and in this image you can see the stone statue positioned on top of the stone pedestal, or base, which was put in place in 1952 a few years after the original bronze statue was melted down during the occupation of Paris in World War II.
South side of J J Rousseau Statue in Paris
And in this photograph you can see the south side of this Paris statue that is dedicated to Jean Jaques Rousseau, with a view looking over the Place du Pantheon square to the elegant building of the Faculte de Droit.
Andre Bizette-Lindet inscription on J Rousseau statue
Here you can see a close up photo we took on the plinth that the statue stands on, which has the signature of the French sculptor Andre Bizette-Lindet, who produced the statue of Rousseau in 1952, which was then positioned in the identical place as the original one once stood.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau stone statue within Paris
And this view shows the back of the stone statue of J J Rousseau looking in a westerly direction, which was produced in a slightly different style to the bronze statue that was originally sculpted by the artist Paul Berthet in the late 1800s.
Stone base inscription of J J Rousseau 1712 - 1778
Now we took this close up photograph showing the base of the statue with the name J J Rousseau along with his birth and death years inscribed, who was actually born in Geneva on 28th June 1712, yet as we mentioned previously, he died in Ermenonville, which was just days after his birthday, on 2nd July 1778.
Back of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau statue
So in this last photo you can see another view of the statue from behind looking in a westerly direction towards the building that is home to the Mayor of the 5th Arrondissement, and to give you another perspective, The Pantheon where Jean Jacques Rousseu is now interred, is to the right of the image.

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