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While visiting the free open air sculpture museum inside the Tino Rossi gardens, we took these high definition photographs showing the bronze abstract surrealism sculpture L'Hydrorrhage, which was produced in 1975 by the artist Jean Robert Ipousteguy.

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L'Hydrorrhage sculpture by Jean Robert Ipousteguy
This first photo shows the bronze sculpture called L'Hydrorrhage that was produced by Jean Robert Ipousteguy, but he was actually born Jean Robert, yet he wanted a more unusual name, and therefore during his career as an artist he took his mothers maiden name of Ipousteguy, which is what he signed all of his works with.
L'Hydrorrhage sculpture inside Tino Rossi Gardens
Now there are numerous different statues, sculptures and even water features you can discover in Paris, and this particular one is located within the Musee de la Sculpture en Plein Air within the Jardin Tino Rossi in the 5th Arrondissement very close to the River Seine.
The back of the L'Hydrorrhage sculpture
With this photo you can see the back of the L'Hydrorrhage sculpture and you can tell there is a naked man hiding behind a shield, which was made of bronze back in 1975 and then positioned on a stone base surrounded by a pond when it was installed within the free open air museum.
Fontaine de L'Hydrorrhage by Jean Ipousteguy
When the L'Hydrorrhage sculpture was created by Jean Robert Ipousteguy, he sculpted this in the style called abstract surrealism that he was well known for, and although he first studied painting, it was later in life he started to create these different sculptures, which can now be found in museums and public places throughout the world.
Side view of L'Hydrorrhage sculpture in Paris
Also, at one point during his career this artist concentrated on the human figure inspired by Surrealism with social themes as well as erotic motifs, and being sculpted at the time of sexual liberation, it probably explains why this statue has been surrounded by shrubs, etc, making it hard for the visitor to approach this very provocative and explicit side of the sculpture.
Front view of L'Hydrorrhage sculpture by Jean Ipousteguy
Now this abstract sculpture by Ipousteguy is known by different names including Hydrophage, L'Hydrorrhage and La Fontaine de l'Hydrorrhage, and this was originally designed as a fountain itself, but due to its explicit nature, as you can see in this photo, the water jets are now located within the pond on either side, although they were not working properly when we took these pictures.

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