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With these particular high definition photographs we were looking at the abstract stone sculpture called Abellio that was produced by artist Aglaia Liberaki, which is located inside the free open air museum that sits alongside the River Seine in the Tino Rossi gardens.

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Abellio sculpture by Aglaia Liberaki
Now this stone sculpture is located on the Quai Saint-Bernard next to the River Seine in the 5th Arrondissement and is inside the free museum called Musee de la Sculpture en Plein Air, and this statue was one of the public commissions produced by Liberaki.
Abellio sculpture at Musee de la Sculpture en Plein Air
As you will see from these photos as well, this sculpture uses different geometric shapes carved in the stone, and in the centre, resting on its pedestal there is a sphere, which is in complete contrast to the straight inside edges and the curved outside, and this particular sculpture was produced between the years of 1971 and 1973.
Lavaux stone sculpture called Abellio
Now we took this photo of the Abellio sculpture from a different angle to try and show as much of the curved shapes used as possible, and this was carved from Lavaux stone by Aglaia Liberaki, who moved to Paris in 1955, and married an art dealer called Gildo Caputo, who was director of the famous Galerie de France at the time, who then passed away in Paris in 1985.
Plaque on the Abellio sculpture
In this close up photo it shows the plaque on the base of the sculpture, which as you can tell, is called Abellio and it was produced by the Greek artist Aglae Liberaki, who was born in Athens, Greece in 1923, although this is the French spelling and her actual name was Aglaia.
Abellio sculpture along Quai Saint-Bernard in Paris
And as you can see from this photo we took, the location of this abstract stone sculpture, which is to the right of the image, is next to the River Seine along the promenade called Quai Saint-Bernard within the free Open Air Sculpture Museum in Paris, and when visiting you can also discover another sculpture by the same artist within this museum.

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