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This time as we were walking through Parc de la Villette in Paris, when we came across one of the temporary exhibitions that included some modern statues, and as you will see from these high definition photos this particular statue was positioned right in the middle of the parks historical water fountain.

Paris Statues

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Pauline statue by Lucy and Jorge Orta
As you can see from this close up photo we took, the statue has been positioned on the very top of the water fountain, and this was the work of two artists who focus on the human dimension within their works, as you can probably tell from the posture of the lady statue in this image that they named Pauline.
Pauline sculpture in Parc de la Villette
Now with the next photograph above, you can see that the Pauline statue was placed on top of the two tier section of the water fountain, and this particular sculpture was created using Resin and then coated with Epoxy Paint, followed by Varnish to finish.
Pauline statue on Fontaine aux Lions
As we mentioned before, the Pauline sculpture was part of a temporary exhibition called Food, Water, Life, which included three different statues that were produced by the two artists Lucy and Jorge Orta, and during the exhibition these were on display in different areas around Parc de la Villette.
Information board for Pauline sculpture
The photo above shows the information board that was located next to the Pauline sculpture, and as you can tell from this image, they were all referred to as the Children of Villette and this particular sculpture was dedicated to theme the of water.
Fontaine aux Lions with Pauline statue
In this wide angle photograph of the Pauline sculpture, you have a better view of the historical water fountain within Parc de la Villette in the 19th Arrondissement of Paris, which is called Fontaine aux Lions, and was the temporary home for this statue and exhibition.

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