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Cabaret Sauvage shows in Paris

The Cabaret Sauvage is a venue for many different shows in Paris that is constructed like a circus and hosts many types of performances from cabaret shows through to dances, and circuses through to music concerts.

A bit of history about the Cabaret Sauvage

Meziane Azaiche was born in Algeria in 1955 and having always had a passion for cabaret, he wanted to realise his dream and flew to Paris when he was 23 years of age, but found the city initially a very difficult place to fulfil his dreams.

Yet rather than go back to his home country disheartened, he first of all opened up a pub in the 20th Arrondissement of Paris and then another.  But a few years later he discovered a pile of wood and a set with mirrors and stained glass, that was to blend performance and celebration, known as the Magic Mirror, which brought him back to his original dreams of cabaret.
So, in 1994 along with Brad Scott, Meziane Azaiche creates the first Cabaret Sauvage at the Place de la Villette, which was only actually installed there for a few weeks, but being such a success it hosted more than 25,000 spectators.

And so with the same spirit as the Magic Mirror, Meziane decided to build on this success and with his spirit of adventure he was joined by Areski Sassaoud and they built their own tent in a different location within the Parc de la Villette park in Paris.

This time it was even larger and more comfortable both for the artists and performers, along with better facilities for the audiences and its clients, and still called the cabaret Sauvage, it first opened three years later in 1997.

About the Cabaret Sauvage

This cabaret in Paris was custom made and with its rich interior of red velvet, carved wood and bevelled mirrors along with wooden tables and benches and a circular dance floor, it is like entering a big top that can accommodate up to 600 people seated or 1200 people standing and is adaptable for all kinds of performances.

Meziane Azaiche defines the Cabaret Sauvage as the "beating heart" through its diversity of the programming that welcomes artists from around the world for a wide variety of different performances such as cabaret shows, circuses, concerts, etc, with there being around 150 dates throughout the year each year.

And in fact, some of the incredible performances that have taken place already include the Latin Cabaret Karine Saporta dance, the Cafe Barbes musical, the Ana Yerno dance show, The Cousins circus and some of the festivals held at the Cabaret Sauvage include the Jazz a la Villette, Festival d’Ile de France, the Alter Eco Festival and many others.

Now we did mention that it was located within the cultural park of Villette, but it is actually in the heart of the Parc de la Villette in a very privileged location surrounded by nature and is a heaven of peace with its large terrace that overlooks the Canal de l’Ourcq, so this is an ideal place to enjoy something completely different.

Access to the Cabaret Sauvage Cabaret Venue in Paris

The different upcoming events are always listed on their website and you can book your tickets securely on line with a credit card, but we would like to point out that not all performances and shows will be suitable for children, so it is a good idea to check the agenda carefully.

Also, as you would no doubt expect, the cost of the shows vary in price depending upon the type of entertainment and the artists performing, but as of 2013, the cost ranges from around €18 up to €45.

Now the Cabaret Sauvage is actually quite straight forward to get to and there is pedestrian access via the Porte de la Villette by 59 Boulevard Macdonald and if arriving by bus you would need the numbers 75, 139 or 150, alternatively there is pedestrian access via the Porte de Pantin from 211 Avenue Jean Jaures and if arriving by bus you would need numbers 75 or 151.

However, if you are thinking of arriving by metro then you would need the metro stop of the Porte de Pantin on line 5 and you would go through the Parc de la Villette along the Grande Halle then cut across the Canal de l’Ourcq and you will find the Cabaret Sauvage a little way along on your right.

But if you arrive via the metro station of the Porte de la Villette on line 7, you would go straight out of the metro onto the Avenue Macdonald along the rails of the tramway.  Go beyond the park entrance to the Cite des Sciences and continue straight on until you enter the park by the equestrian centre, and the Cabaret Sauvage is located on your left.

You can also reach the Park de la Villette with its many different tourist attractions and museums in Paris via pleasure boat along the canals or via the cycle path along the canal d’Ourcq.  Taxis are also available and are located next to the Café de la Musique, but if you have your own transport when in Paris then there is a large pay parking area at the Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Address and Contact Details:

Cabaret Sauvage
Parc de la Villette
211 Avenue Jean Jaures
Ile de France

Tel:  +33 (0) 1 42 09 03 09
Fax: +33 (0) 1 42 09 11 17

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