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And when the Theatre Paris-Villette reopened in 2013, Tartes Kluger are now the company providing light meals within this theatre in Paris, that is located in the cultural area of Parc de la Villette, yet they have also expanded further to provide different items for cocktail receptions, parties and much more.

The concept was to provide quality tarts and pies all hand made on site without the use of additives or preservatives and only utilising selected products, with the dough itself being made from beans from sustainable agriculture and ground in a traditional way at a family run mill.

Other products are also from local suppliers and are seasonal fruits and vegetables, so the types of sweet and savoury tarts, pies and even soups on offer, changes throughout the year and even items such as eggs and cream are from AOC sources, so you can always be assured of their quality.

The Cuisine at Tartes Kruger in the Theatre Paris-Villette

The starters available at the Tartes Kruger within the Theatre Paris-Villette are either a soup of the day or a salad cereals and grains, and with the soup you can add croutons for an extra charge.

The plats or main courses, consist of a quarter of a pie or savoury tart accompanied by mesclun salad.  And you could have delights such as a Beef braised in red wine with carrots and tomatoes, a Basque style chicken pie with chives, or a Quiche Lorraine with three hams, mustard and parmesan.  Others could be a Tuna pie with pepper, candied lemon and coriander, Salmon with spinach and pink berries, a Pesto tart with peppers and goats cheese or Asparagus with broad beans, halzenuts and tarragon, to name a few different savoury pies and tarts they produce throughout the year, and what is available.

As for the dessert tarts provided by Tartes Kluger, these could be a lime, chocolate, chocolate and peanut or blackcurrent tart, a spiced or green tea cheesecake or a passion and coconut meringue with hazelnuts.  And at the theatre restaurant you would get what they class as one part of a tart, or alternatively, you could opt for a fresh fruit salad, scone or muffin.

The Tartes Kluger at Theatre Paris-Villette also provide a variety of options for 2 people, which could be a cheese, charcuterie or mixed platter for €15 as of 2015, or there is a tasting option of an assortment of savoury pies or sweet tarts for €20 or €13 respectively.

Yet there are also formulas available, which could be two starters and a drink for €9, a starter and main or main and dessert with a drink for €13 or a three course option for €15.50 as of 2015.  Plus there is a childrens option for those under the age of 12, which includes a main dish, dessert and a drink for €10 as of 2015.

Visiting Tartes Kluger in Paris

As we have mentioned before, the Tartes Kluger is located within the Theatre Paris-Villette and is open one hour prior to a performance and for one hour after one of the contemporary shows in Paris.

Getting to the theatre is easy, as it is located within the Parc de la Villette in the 19th Arrondissement very close to La Grande Halle, you will find that public transport options include line 5 of the Metro with the nearest station being the Porte de Pantin, which is also the stop for the Tramway on line T3b.

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Address Details

Tartes Kluger
Theatre Paris-Villette
Parc de la Villette
211 Avenue Jean Jaures
Ile de France

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Tartes Kluger Pies in Paris

You will find the Tartes Kluger within the Theatre Paris-Villette providing delicious fresh homemade tarts and pies utilising seasonal and local products, whether it be for a savoury main course or as a sweet dessert, and they are open prior to and after each performance.

About Tartes Kluger

Tartes Kluger, generally translates to Pies Kruger in English, and was founded by Catherine Kruger in the July of 2009, providing savoury and sweet tarts and pies and by 2012 the business had expanded to also provide a takeaway service in the new premises, which is located at 15 Rue Trousseau in the 11th Arrondissement.
Tartes Kluger Quiche
Tartes Kluger
Tartes Kluger Cuisine
Tartes Kluger Tarte Au Thon
Tartes Kluger Tarte Aux Boeuf