Tartes Kluger Pies in Paris

Originally Tartes Kluger was located within the Theatre Paris-Villette providing delicious fresh homemade tarts and pies utilising seasonal and local products, whether it be for a savoury main course or as a sweet dessert, although this has since changed.

About Tartes Kluger

Tartes Kluger, generally translates to Pies Kruger in English, and was founded by Catherine Kruger in the July of 2009, to provide savoury and sweet tarts and pies and by 2012 the business had expanded to also provide a takeaway service in the new premises, which was located at 15 Rue Trousseau in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris.
Tartes Kluger pies

When the Theatre Paris-Villette reopened in 2013, Tartes Kluger was originally the company providing light meals within this theatre in Paris, which is located in the cultural area of Parc de la Villette, yet they expanded further to provide different items for cocktail receptions, parties and much more.

The concept was to provide quality tarts and pies all hand made on site without the use of additives or preservatives and only utilising selected products, with the dough itself being made from beans from sustainable agriculture and ground in a traditional way at a family run mill.

Other products were also from local suppliers as were seasonal fruits and vegetables, so the types of sweet and savoury tarts, pies and even soups on offer, changed throughout the year and even items such as eggs and cream were from AOC sources, so you could always be assured of their quality.

Visiting Tartes Kluger

Unfortunately, as we mentioned before, Tartes Kluger is no longer located within the Theatre Paris-Villette and as of 2018 it appears that they have also closed their operation within the 11th Arrondissement.

Their website has also changed completely and shows as Ekla Paris now, which is located on the Rue de Faubourg Saint-Honore, that does provide tarts along with salads and sandwiches.

So if anyone knows more, then please feel free to get in touch with us, so that we can update our information further for all to benefit, however, you can still enjoy the Theatre Paris-Villette and enjoy a buffet served on certain evenings.