Le Zenith de Paris la Villette Concert Venue

Named after the Zenith balloon that took off from the area where this large concert venue is located, it was originally meant to be temporary, yet today, it is one of the largest venues in Paris playing host to numerous different concerts and shows, with many famous names having played here over the years.

About Le Zenith de Paris la Villette

Originally there was a circus big-top called the Hippodrome de Pantin, which became a venue for touring rock bands, and a building designed by the architects Philippe Chaix and Jean-Paul Morel was meant to replace this circus tent.

At the time, this was meant to be a temporary building that would be taken down in three years, just like the Eiffel Tower was originally meant to be taken down after 20 years, and started in 1983, it was inaugurated in the early part of 1984.
Maxwell and Mary J Blige at Le Zenith de Paris la Villette
It was given the name of Le Zenith, due to the fact that way back in the 1870s, it was the place where a gas balloon called Zenith was launched to do experiments on altitude, and it was the French singer Renaud who was chosen to do the opening concert.

Yet over thirty years later, this entertainment venue is not only still going strong, but is one of the largest concert venues in Paris and the concert hall has been recreated with replicas in other cities throughout France like Rouen, Strasbourg, Lille, Montpellier, etc and all with the name of Zenith.

So even though Le Zenith was the original name, it is now officially called Zenith de Paris la Villette, although most still refer to this as just Zenith, or Le Zenith Paris, and catering for over 6000 people seated, or even more standing, this has seen numerous famous names in the entertainment world.

And in fact, just some of the concerts hosted at Le Zenith de Paris la Villette in 2015 included bands such as Deep Purple, The Who and Simply Red, along with famous music artists like Neil Diamond, Robbie Williams, Lionel Richie, Sting and Paul Simon.
Plus there are shows in Paris hosted at Le Zenith like Holiday on Ice in 2015 along with different events such as the international HipHop Championships, so there is always something different on the programme, no matter what month you are on holiday in Paris.

Also there are bars that not only serve drinks, but also snacks including sandwiches, hotdogs, chips and candy, so that you can enjoy your evening to the fullest, and they have an incredible sound system with the latest and most up to date equipment available to provide the ultimate stage settings for maximum enjoyment.

Visiting Le Zenith de Paris la Villette

As you can no doubt appreciate, this form of entertainment in Paris is not suitable for very young children and no matter what the event, those under the age of two are not allowed into Le Zenith de Paris, and any minor does have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian for safety, security, practical and insurance reasons.

Obviously you do have to have a valid ticket for the concert or event of your choice, and these normally have to be booked in advance, although there is a box office open at the venue just before, but this is not a guaranteed option.
Louise at Le Zenith de Paris la Villette
Zaz at Le Zenith de Paris la Villette
Each show at the concert hall has a different layout, plus the different areas are referenced by a letter code, whether it be on the outside edges or right by the stage, etc.  So the cost of music concerts and shows varies greatly, not only on the event itself, but where you wish to be located, although, some are just wherever you manage to get.

The times of the shows, events and music concerts also varies, so do make sure you check this carefully, and the start time is always mentioned on your ticket, along with a seating number if appropriate.  And for sitting only shows, the doors open one hour prior, yet for standing concerts this is 90 minutes prior to the start, although it is recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the start.

Now as with most entertainment venues of this nature, random checks can be made for security reasons, and this is even more apparent under certain situations where everyone and their bag gets checked, so we would like to point out that there are many items not allowed within Le Zenith de Paris venue, including any glass bottles.

Also, cameras and any other recording equipment is not allowed unless authorised prior, plus you cannot take in any type of political or religious type banners, and smoking is also prohibited, and you may be refused entry if the management feel you are intoxicated.  But you can find out more about this aspect and restrictions by going to the Zenith website, yet this is for the safety of everyone who attends, and not meant in a bad way.
Dub Inc at Le Zenith de Paris la Villette
So when it comes to getting to Le Zenith, you will find this located right by the Canal de l’Ourcq within the Parc de la Villette in the 19th Arrondissement, and due to limited parking in the area, it is recommended to use public transport in Paris.

These include the Metro stations of the Porte de Pantin stop serving line 5, which is approximately 600 metres away at the southern end of the park, or the Porte de la Villette stop serving line 7 that is approximately 900 metres away at the northern end.

Alternatively, you have the bus line 75 along with the Noctilien night bus service via lines N13, N45, and N140, plus the Tramway on line T3b that stops at the Porte de Pantin, which will also all get you close by, or for when leaving this entertainment venue.

In addition to the lines mentioned above, there are other Bus lines and Noctilien lines that have stops located at different areas on the outskirts of the Parc de la Villette and these include lines 139, 150,151, 152 and 330 along with N41 and N42.