HD photos of the Fiesole Sculpture inside Musee de la Sculpture en Plein Air in Paris - Page 159

Since we were already in the Tino Rossi gardens in Paris, we had to take these HD photographs showing another abstract bronze sculpture called Fiesole, which was sculpted by Sorel Etrog in the 1960s, and this is also part of the open air sculpture museum within the gardens.

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Fiesole sculpture produced by artist Sorel Etrog
Now this particular bronze sculpture you can see in these photos is set back from the left bank of the River Seine within the free Open Air Sculpture Museum, and Sorel Etrog produced the Fiesole sculpture between the years 1965 and 1967.
Fiesole bronze sculpture by Sorel Etrog
Also these high definition photos show how the Fiesole bronze surface looks like some of it has been eaten away, or corroded, but this was one of the features that the artist Sorel Etrog incorporated within the sculptures design when it was produced.
Sorel Etrog Fiesole sculpture in Paris
And almost looking like a lanky figure or robot, the abstract Fiesole sculpture you can see in this HD photograph above, was sculpted by Romanian born artist Sorel Etrog who then named it after a place where he spent some time in Italy.
Plaque on Fiesole sculpture
This close up photo shows the plaque attached to the base of this modern art sculpture, and as you can tell from this, the artist Sorel Etrog was born in Romania, however he ended up in Toronto becoming a Canadian citizen, which is where he died in 2014, and although he was known for his art, he was also a writer of plays and poetry, but his sculpture creations can be seen in numerous places all over the world.

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