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HD photographs of Le Combat du Centaure et du Lapithe statue at Square Barye in Paris - Page 657

We were in the 4th Arrondissement of Paris at the Square Barye, when we took these high definition photos showing a statue on the Monument to Barye called the Centaur and Lapith or Theseus and the Centaur Bianor.

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Combat Du Centaure Et Du Lapithe Statue By Antoine Barye

This first HD photo shows a bronze statue located on the top of a monument dedicated to Antoine Louis Barye, and this is a cast produced from an original work by Barye who originally conceived the statue called Centaur and Lapith between the years 1846 and 1848, with a plaster version being presented by him at the 1850 Paris Salon.

However, later on in the career of this French sculptor, Antoine Louis Barye referred to this particular sculpture as the Theseus and the Centaur Bianor statue, yet in Greek mythology the Lapiths were mythical people of ancient Thessaly that battled with centaurs, and a plaque attached to the base of the statue states the name as Le Combat du Centaure et du Lapithe.

Combat Du Centaure Et Du Lapithe Statue In Square Barye

Now Antoine Louis Barye passed away in 1875 and this monument was erected in his honour close to where he had lived in Paris, and the enormous bronze statue on the top was cast by the Barbedienne foundry who had purchased many of the models Barye had produced, yet unfortunately the original was melted down in 1942 during the Vichy regime, when Paris was under occupation in World War II.

Bronze Centaur And Lapith Statue In Square Barye

So the bronze statue you can see here was only put in place in 2011, which was through the sponsorship of the Foundation for the cultivation of Taiwanese group called the Chi Mei Culture Foundation, and this is a slightly smaller version than the original with Theseus on the back of the Centaur with a club in his hand ready to deliver a mortal blow.

Combat Du Centaure Et Du Lapithe Statue On Barye Monument

Yet this image shows a side view of the Centaur and Lapith statue with another statue that is linked to the same Barye Monument that was first put in place in 1894, yet it was through Gilles Perrault who initiated a project back in 1999 to completely restore the monument back to its original state, even though it took eleven years to finally have this bronze statue installed on the top once more.

Square Barye Le Combat Du Centaure Et Du Lapithe Statue

And this last image shows the back of the Monument to Barye with the Centaur and Lapith statue on the top, and you will find this located within the Square Barye on the tip of the Ile Saint Louis island, which is one of the islands in the River Seine in the 4th Arrondissement of Paris close to the Pont Sully.

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