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We were in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris when we took these high definition photos showing a statue called Diane, which is on the Fontaine de Medici and was sculpted by Auguste Ottin.

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Diane statue on Fontaine de Medici in Luxembourg Gardens
This first HD photo shows the statue of Diane positioned in a niche in between a set of columns on the facade of the Fontaine de Medici, which is an historical fountain found within the Jardin du Luxembourg that was first constructed in the 1600s for Queen Marie de Medici.
Fontaine de Medici Diane statue
Now Diane, spelt Diana in English is the Goddess of the Hunt in Roman mythology, but was also the virgin Goddess of childbirth and women, being one of the three maiden goddesses who vowed never to marry, and this statue was based upon this myth wearing a short dress or tunic.
Diane statue by sculptor Auguste Ottin
And in this close up photo you can see the detailing that went into this stone statue of Diana, which was produced by Auguste Ottin, sometimes spelt Augustus Ottin, who was born in Paris in the the November of 1811, and studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts under David d'Angers to become a French sculptor.

So having won the Prix de Rome, he spent a few years at the Villa Medici furthering his studies before returning to Paris, and with this Auguste Ottin became a well recognised and respected sculptor receiving numerous public commissions for statues and monuments, but it was his work on the Medici Fountain that brought him the most recognition.
The whole Fontaine de Medici with its statues
In fact, it was the architect Alphonse de Gisors who commissioned Auguste Ottin to produce all of the statues you can see on the Fontaine de Medici, including the famous centre piece called Polyphemus surprising Galatea in the arms of Acis, which you can also see in this last image, with the statue of Diane located to the right and the statue of Faune on the left.

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