Musee des Automates Museum in Paris

The Musee des Automates is a small museum in Paris that has displays of mechanical toys and strange machines from times gone by, and this is also linked with the Musee de la Magie for somewhere unusual to discover that will fuel the imagination.

About the Musee des Automates

It was the 19th and 20th centuries that truly encouraged the development of industry and mechanics, and yet since ancient times, humans have always been fascinated with developing items that can mimic human movements.
Mechanical drumming toy at Musee des Automates
Here at the Musee des Automates, which is a private museum, you can discover the wonderful small display that will nourish the imagination and dreams of the makers, through the technical know-how and their genius of how they were designed.

So you are invited to discover the weird, wonderful and strange machines that are mechanical toys and masterpieces, where you can make them come alive through an interactive system that allows you to push buttons to get each and everyone animated, just as they were designed to be, often with some very surprising results.

You will find that this museum in Paris has well over a hundred different automated items on display, many of them very old, yet they will no doubt be a delight to for anyone of any age, plus you can also enjoy the Magic Museum, which is linked to the Museum of Automata in the same location.

Visiting the Musee des Automates Museum

This museum in Paris is open on a Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm through to 7pm, however, at certain times of the year such as the spring school holidays, they will open daily, normally from 10am during the weedays.

The cost of entry as of 2018 is €14 per person and €10 for children aged between 3 and 12, but free to those under the age of three, yet this is actually a combined ticket cost for you to also be able to enjoy the Musee de la Magie at the same time.

However, we would like to point out that upon entering the museum you have to negotiate stairs going down, and therefore unfortunately, it is not accessible to the disabled or those with mobility difficulties.
Mechanical toys at Musee des Automates
Display inside Musee des Automates

Access to the Musee des Automates

Located in the 4th Arrondissement of Paris near to the River Seine by the Ile Saint-Louis, when it comes to getting here via public transport, there are different Metro stations within easy reach.  To start with you have the Saint-Paul stop serving line 1,  or the Pont Marie stop and the Sully - Morland stop both serve line 7.

However, still within walking distance you have the Bastile stop at the Place de la Bastille, which serves the Metro Lines 1, 5 and 8, plus the bus lines 67, 69, 76, 86, 87 and 96 along will also get you close by.

In addition to these options, if you want to enjoy some of the other tourist attractions in this area of Paris until late, then you have the Noctilien Night Bus Service, which runs when other transport has finished for night, and the Noctilien Lines N11 and N16 will get you close by.