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HD photographs of Waldeck-Rousseau monument in Jardin des Tuileries - Page 630

We were again in the Jardin des Tuileries located in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these high definition photos showing the Monument to Waldeck-Rousseau, which was sculpted by Laurent Honore Marqueste.

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Waldeck-Rousseau Monument In Jardin Des Tuileries

This first HD photo shows the Monument to Waldeck-Rousseau, which is located on the northern side of the Tuileries Gardens below the terrace where you can discover the Jeau de Paume, and it is situated in between the Terrasse des Feuillants and the octagonal basin.

Marble Bust Of Waldeck-Rousseau In Jardin Des Tuileries

So one part of this monument is the bust in the centre, which was sculpted in marble to depict Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau, who was born in Nantes on 2nd December 1846 to a republican family, where his father was a lawyer, and Waldeck-Rousseau followed in his fathers footsteps, being called to the bar.

Marble Statues On Waldeck-Rousseau Monument

Yet Waldeck-Rousseau was also a stateman and in 1881 he was appointed Minister of the Interior, and a part of the French Republican Government, he eventually became Prime Minister of France in 1899 and is credited with successfully negotiating workers strikes.

And in this photo you can see that the sculptor has designed two workers along with a lady designed as an allegory to represent France, and these are positioned in such a way as though they are looking up at Waldeck-Rousseau with admiration.

Looking Through Waldeck-Rousseau Monument

However, this image is looking at the back of the Monument to Waldeck-Rousseau, which was taken while we were on the terrace above looking through the arch down the alley towards the famous tourist attraction in Paris of the Musee du Louvre.

Back Inscription On The Waldeck-Rousseau Monument

Yet this next image shows a close up of a plaque, which is very hard to get to as it is located at the bottom of this monument at the back, and this generally translates in English to:

Monument realised by national subscription monument on the initiative of the Republican Alliance and inaugurated on 6th July 1910 in the presence of M Fallieres, President of the Republic, A Dubost, President of the Senate, H Brisson, President of the Chamber of Deputies, A Briand, President of the Council, plus there were many more present.

Monument To Waldeck-Rousseau By Laurent Honore Marqueste

Now this Monument to Waldeck-Rousseau was sculpted by Laurent Honore Marqueste who was born in Toulouse in the June of 1848, yet went to Paris to study at the Ecole des Beaux Arts under Francois Jouffroy and Alexandre Falguiere, winning the Prix de Rome in 1871, and upon his return to Paris, started receiving numerous public commissions.

North Side Of The Waldeck-Rousseau Monument

So in this photograph you can see another angle of the monument, which we took from the terrace again, but looking towards the octagonal basin within the Jardin des Tuileries, and this gives you more of an idea as to how tall this is, which is approximately 6 metres in height.

Front View Of Waldeck-Rousseau Monument

The entire Monument to Waldeck-Rousseau was produced in marble, but as you can no doubt tell, it has placed on a stone base, and the artist, Laurent Marqueste, decided to frame the composition utilising a style like you would see in Italy or Greece with Corinthian columns.

South Side Of Waldeck-Rousseau Monument

And here you can see the opposite side of the marble monument looking towards the Terrace des Feuillants, which was constructed by Andre Le Notre, and further on to the Rue de Rivoli with its impressive buildings, and again we took this from the terrace that leads to the Jeu de Paume within the Tuileries Gardens.

Monument To Waldeck-Rousseau Marble Statues

But this next close up photo shows the two workers looking towards the central bust of Waldeck-Rousseau, which is located on the right hand side of the monument, and behind is the larger than life female figure in a flowing gown, that was designed to represent France.

Ornate Column Detailing On Waldeck-Rousseau Monument

Now this particular close up image, shows the ornate detailing that went into sculpting even the top of the columns on this Monument to Waldeck-Rousseau, but this was not the only monument that Laurent Marqueste produced.

Plaque On Waldeck-Rousseau Monument

In fact, throughout a prolific career Laurent Marqueste was commissioned for other statues and sculptures such as the Monument to Barye, the Monument to Falguiere and the Monument to Fedinand Fabre, along with allegories such as Louis XIV of France, all located at different tourist attractions in Paris.

And in this close up HD photo of the plaque you can see that this particular monument was completed in 1909, even though it was not officially inaugurated until 1910 as we mentioned earlier, but there was also once a bronze that went onto this monument, which was melted down during the Vichy Regime when Paris was under occupation.

Waldeck-Rousseau Monument Central Front Inscription

So this particular monument has a short inscription located on the front, directly below the bust of Waldeck-Rousseau, which is surrounded by flowers like you would get on a memorial, and this is just another aspect that Laurent Marqueste included within this national tribute to a former French statesman and Prime Minister.

Monument To Waldeck-Rousseau RHS Inscription Front

However, to the right of the central monumental recognition of Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau, who had an incredible career, yet passed away at the early age of 57 in the August 1904, you will see there is another inscription written within the marble, but unfortunately we were unable to see this in its entirety.

Monument To Waldeck-Rousseau LHS Inscription Front

Yet to the left of the central dedication and the bust of Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau there is another inscription, but again we could not get close enough to get a good enough image in order to translate this properly, as parts of it have faded over time.

Jardin Des Tuileries Monument To Waldeck-Rousseau

But this last image shows the Monument to Waldeck-Rousseau taken from a distance while under the shade of trees by one of the many alleys that are located within the fabulous Tuileries Gardens, where you can get to discover numerous different statues, monuments and sculptures.

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