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HD photographs of La Nymphe statue by Aristide Maillol at Musee du Louvre - Page 543

This time while we were within the Tuileries Gardens at the Jardin du Carrousel in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, we took these high definition photos showing a statue called La Nymphe, which was produced by the famous French sculptor Aristide Maillol.

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La Nymphe Statue Jardin Du Carrousel

Aristide Maillol was fond of mythology and studied Greek art and sculptures, and many of his statues relate to these aspects, but in his own interpretations and style, often focusing on the female form, like you can see in this first HD photo showing the bronze statue called La Nymphe.

Back Of La Nymphe Statue By Aristide Maillol

In fact, from the mid to latter part of his career, Aristide Maillol spent years producing works depicting females, and many of these were nude females, yet a lot of his earlier works work more rounded showing prominent curves around the hips compared to his later studies like this one, which is a part of a series of Nymphe statues, which are more slender, yet more severe in many of their characteristics.

But he produced numerous different statues called La Nymphe and some of these were just a torso initially, prior to perfecting the pose of the arms and legs in the finalised versions, and he utilised three of these figures to form the statue group called Les Trois Graces, or Les Trois Nymphs, which can also be found within the Jardin du Carrousel of the Tuileries Gardens.

La Nymphe Statue Musee Du Louvre

Now this particular statue called La Nymphe is very similar to the middle one of The Three Graces statue group, which was based upon a model he used called Lucille, and a nymphe, spelt nymph in English, is a minor female nature deity in Greek mythology.

So unfortunately, we have been unable to figure out the exact date or even year that this statue of The Nymphe was produced, however, we know this was produced prior to the Three Graces and if you look closely at the base by the left foot it has been signed by Maillol with his anagram, which means this is an authentic cast from before he died in a car crash in 1944.

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