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We were in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris at the bridge called the Pont d'Iena, when we took these high definition photos showing a statue called the Gallic Warrior, which was sculpted by Antoine Preault.

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Gallic Warrior statue on Pont d'Iena
There are actually four different equestrian statues located on the Pont d'Iena, which in English translates to the Jena Bridge, and all sculpted by different artists, these particular HD photos show the statue of the Gallic Warrior, known as the Calier Gaulois in French, which literally translates as Cavier of Gaul.
Gallic Warrior statue by French sculptor Antoine Preault
Even though the bridge itself was constructed upon orders of Napoleon Bonaparte, it was not until when Napoleon III was Emperor of France, that the statues were sculpted for the Pont d'Iena, which was originally named after one of the victories of Napoleon I known as the Battle of Jena, and even though they are showing the test of time, you can see the detailing that went into this.
Pont d'Iena statue Gallic Warrior
Each equestrian statue was sculpted in limestone and depicts a warrior standing beside his horse, positioned on the top of a tall pedestal, and the Gallic Warrior you can see in the above image was produced by Antoine Auguste Preault, who was born in 1809 and although never entering the Ecole des Beaux Arts, he did study under the sculptor David d'Angers.
Back of the Gallic Warrior statue
Antoine Preault was not always favourably looked upon due to his political views, however, during the Second Empire he did receive several public commissions including this statue of the Cavalier Gaulois that was sculpted in 1849 and put in place in 1853, plus he was also recognised for his medalions, many of which are now held within museums including the Musee du Louvre.
Gallic Warrior statue with the Eiffel Tower
However, this photograph shows the Gallic Warrior with the most famous monument in Paris of the Eiffel Tower just looming behind and you will find that when you are at the Pont d'Iena, this is the equestrian statue located on the right bank in the 7th Arrondissement by the Quai Branly, which is the south east pillar to the left hand side of the bridge as you are looking at the Eiffel Tower and on the opposite side is the Roman Warrior equestrian statue.

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