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Photos of bronze statue called Monument de la France Renaissante in Paris - Page 23

We were at the Pont de Bir-Hakeim that travels over the River Seine and the Ile aux Cygnes, when we took these high definition photos showing a statue called Monument de la France Renaissante, which was sculpted by Holger Wederkinch.

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Monument De La France Renaissante By Sculptor Holger Wederkinch

This first HD photo shows the equestrian statue called Monument de la France Renaissante, which translates in English to The Renaissance France, although it is sometimes referred to as Warrior France and cast in bronze, weighing in at over three tons and measuring a height of 4.5 metres, you can see that the statue shows a warrior style person holding a sword out as the horse is galloping.

Monument De La France Renaissante On Pont De Bir-Hakeim

The equestrian statue was the idea of Holger Wederkinch, who was born in Copenhagen in 1886 and studied to become a Danish sculptor, who also spent some time studying this art in Paris, and he originally designed the statue back in 1930 to depict Joan of Arc, then the artist, along with the Danish community in Paris, offered the statue to the City of Paris with this theme in 1948.

Monument De La France Renaissante With The Eiffel Tower

However, the City Council of Paris along with the Central Commission of Memorials felt that depicting Joan of Arc in this way was not a good idea, so with the intervention of the Danish Embassy and to avoid a diplomatic incident, the statue was renamed and now you can see this positioned on the tip of the Ile aux Cygnes, where, as you can see, it provides a great view from the middle of the River Seine to the Eiffel Tower.

Pont De Bir-Hakeim With Monument De La France Renaissante Sculpture

Even though it was cast in bronze in 1948, after having been renamed as the Monument to Renaissance France, it was not until a formal decree dated 3rd August 1956 was put in place, that the erection of this equestrian statue was authorised, however, the official inauguration did not take place until 23rd January 1958.

The Renaissance France Monument On Pont De Bir-Hakeim

Fortunately, Holger Wederkinch did manage to see this equestrian statue inaugurated, which was in the presence of the Danish Ambassador in Paris, and another famous bronze statue by this sculptor is located at the Port of Copenhagen, his home town in Denmark, where he passed away in the December of 1959.

Tourist Information Board For Monument De La France Renaissante

Yet produced by the Mayor of Paris, here you can see a close up photograph showing the tourist information board that was positioned on the Pont de Bir-Hakeim by the bronze statue, which provides details about this along with a picture that had been taken when the equestrian statue was in the workshop of the Rudier Foundry who cast the monument in bronze in 1948.

Pont De Bir-Hakeim Pathway To Monument De La France Renaissante

And here you can see a view looking along the Pont de Bir-Hakein that travels from the 16th Arrondissement to the 15th Arrondissement, along with the tip of the Ile aux Cygnes, which translates to Swan Island, and this is the upstream side of the island where the monumental bronze statue by Holger Wederkinch is located, even though it was originally destined for the 13th Arrondissement before the final location was decided upon.

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