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HD photographs of the Stendhal monument in Luxembourg Gardens Paris - Page 234

We took these high definition photos showing one of the monuments located within the Jardin du Luxembourg in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, which is dedicated to the French writer Stendhal and was a collaboration of different artists.

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Stendhal Monument Designed By Charles Plumet

In this first image you can see a monument dedicated to the French writer known by his pen name of Stendhal, which was first decided upon after a meeting at the Senate on 8th November 1911, and in front of this you can see a plaque written in French that provides some information about this.

Stele Monument Dedicated To Stendhal

This stone monument was actually designed by the French architect Charles Plumet who passed away in Paris in the April of 1928, having been previously awarded the Legion of Honour, and this stele as it is known, stands at almost three metres in height.

Commemorative Statue Of Writer Stendhal

And in this photo you can see a different angle showing the front of this commemorative statue made of stone, with a bronze medallion positioned on it that was designed by the artist David d'Angers, yet produced by the famous sculptor Auguste Rodin.

Stendhal Or Henri Beyle Commemorative Monument

This close up view of the top of the monument dedicated to Stendhal, shows the name beneath the bronze medallion, which has a circumference of almost half a metre, and as we mentioned, this was designed by David d'Angers, who was actually born Pierre Jean David in Angers, yet adopted the name to distinguish himself from another master painter that had the same surname.

Plaque At The Stendhal Monument Luxembourg Gardens

And this is a close up photo showing the French information plaque relating to the stele, which is basically a term used for a commemorative or funerary monument normally made of stone, and as you can see, this mentions the two artists, Auguste Rodin and David d'Angers.

Inscription On The Stendhal Monument In Paris

Now in this photo showing the back of the stele, you can just make out that there is an inscription carved into the stone, although it is very hard to make out, but it does mention two of the most well known novels that Stendhal wrote called Le Rouge et le Noir and La Chartrouse de Parme.

Stendhal Bronze Medallion By Auguste Rodin

And this is a close up photo we took of the bronze medallion that was sculpted by the famous French artist Auguste Rodin whose sculptures and statues can be found in numerous places throughout the world, who was born in 1840, yet he passed away in 1917 before the monument was officially inaugurated on 28th June 1920.

Front Of Stendhal Monument Jardin Du Luxembourg

Now this is another view showing the complete commemorative monument or stele, which is dedicated to the French writer and novelist whose pen name was Stendhal, and born on 23rd January 1783 in Grenoble, his real name was Henri Beyle.

South Side Of Stendhal Monument Jardin Du Luxembourg

And in this last photo showing the statue dedicated to Stendhal, or Henri Beyle who is considered to be one of the earliest and foremost practitioners of realism within novels, and he passed away in Paris in the March of 1842, and this image shows us looking passed the monument towards a part of the Luxembourg Gardens, where it can be found today.

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