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HD photographs of l'Effort statue by Pierre Roche inside the Luxembourg Gardens - Page 293

We were back in the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is a free public park and popular tourist attraction in Paris with numerous statues to discover, so we could take these high definition photos of a statue called l'Effort by the artist Pierre Roche.

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l Effort Statue In Luxembourg Gardens

In this first HD photo you can see the statue called l'Effort surrounded by greenery and almost hidden from view, and it would be very easy to miss this unusual sculpture, as it is situated to the north west of Luxembourg Gardens right near the perimeter, and to the far left of the Palais du Luxembourg close to the Rue de Vaugirard.

l Effort Statue Sculpted By Pierre Roche

Now this statue was designed to represent Hercules, which is the Roman name for the Greek hero Heracles in mythology, and known for his many adventures and labours, the statue l'Effort, or The Effort as it translates to in English, is designed to represent one of the twelve labours, which was to Clean the Augean stables in a single day.

Jardin Du Luxembourg Statue l Effort

So this photo shows the main statue of Hercules, which was produced in lead, and the concept was to have him on rocks, as though he is diverting the course of the River Alpheus in order to clean the stables, and the French sculptor Pierre Roche, also designed the rocks specifically and originally had the idea that this statue group would go onto a fountain.

Garden Area Around l Effort Sculpture

But as you can tell from this photograph, the fountain idea did not happen, even though that was the initial proposal when Pierre Roche exhibited the statue as a fountain project at the 1896 Paris Salon, and the Senate agreed to the installation of this within the Jardin du Luxembourg in 1902, however, due to costs involved, it was decided in the September of 1903 that it would be surrounded by and backed by a mass of greenery rather than as a fountain.

1896 Pierre Roche Lead Sculpture l Effort

Now Pierre Roche is actually a pseudonym he used for his works, yet was born in 1855 with the name Fernand Massignon and originally studied medicine and chemistry, but then changed completely to study painting, becoming a painter, sculptor, ceramist and medallist, which is why there are different aspects and materials used within this statue group, and he produced several works for commissions including a fountain at the Musee Galliera gardens.

Information Plaque For l Effort Statue

And in this last HD photo you can see the plaque providing some of the information we have already mentioned above for the statue called l'Effort representing Hercules diverting the river to clean the stables of the king, being one of the twelve labours in mythology, and it also mentions the originality of the statue group utilising different materials from the trades Pierre Roche learned including ceramics.

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