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Fete de la Musique World Music Event In Paris

The Fete de la Musique held on the 21st June every year was first launched in Paris in 1982 but this music event quickly expanded throughout France and Europe.

French Christmas markets and Christmas shopping in France

The Christmas markets in France and in general, shopping in France during the Christmas period, with all the festivities and atmosphere can really make a family holiday in France at this time of year even more appealing.

Camping equipment for sleeping in tents

Going camping in France with your own tent is a completely different scenario to arriving at one of the many campsites in France that already have tents including sleeping and kitchen facilities plus electric hook-ups already set up for you.

Choosing the right tent for a camping holiday in France

When going on a camping holiday in France, or anywhere else in Europe for that matter, if you have never been camping before, then we would suggest that spend some time looking at the different types of tent available.

Tent materials and how they are made

There are three main types of material that are used in tent manufacture. Cotton is the traditional material used and is still often found on frame tents and this can also be known as canvas, plus cotton is utilised a lot for inner tents.

So what style of tent should you buy?

Now you may have been looking and realised that some tents just have one area, others have fixed bedroom compartments, whereas others have compartments you put up individually within the main structure, but which one?

Swift Challenger caravan gas locker lid repair

When you purchase a second hand caravan you will probably need to do some repair work at some time, but unfortunately many manufacturers like Swift Caravans do not provide spares for caravans over 8 years old - So you will need to find new ways to sort out problems!!

Cramer Gasket for gas hob

We decided to clean up our caravan gas hob and realised that the gaskets which are positioned underneath the gas rings were rather tatty and needed replacing.

Camping holidays, general shopping, shopping bags and rubbish!

You see, when you go shopping, one of the first things you will probably notice is that you need a Euro in which to get a trolley (although some places you can also use a 50 cent piece), so make sure you have at least one Euro handy.

Regulations for Driving in France - UK Pre Brexit

Whether you are just driving in France or touring with a car and caravan or driving a motorhome through France, there are some driving regulations and points that you must think about to make your trip go smoothly.

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