Route maps for Paris bus lines 01 through to 09

Below are maps showing bus stops, transport connections, bus routes and timetables for the Paris bus lines 01 through to 09 update 2019, which are available in PDF and image file formats, as well as in large or small file sizes, making these ideal for download to any mobile device or PC.

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Paris bus express 1 line stops and transport connections

Paris Bus Express 1 Map With Stops And Connections
This first map shows the Paris region bus route along with its timetables for the Express line 1 that travels between Saint-Germain-en-Laye - Rue Thiers and the Gare de Versailles Rive Gauche, which is only a few minutes walk from the famous former Royal castle, and on route there are additional stops and transport connections such as Val Andre, Marly Soleil, Grille Royale, Parly II, Place de la Loi and Chateau to name a few.

Paris Bus Express 1 stops desserte principale (Main Service):

Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Rue St Louis, Gambetta, Giraud Teulon, Alexandre Bertrand, Ermitage, Val Andre, Ancienne Mairie, Marly Soleil, St Fiacre, Plains Champ, Voisins, village, Grille Royale, Villevert, Les 3 Fontaines, Parly II, Porte St Antoine, Pre Catalan, Place de la Loi, Berthier, Reservoirs, Place Hoche, Chateau, Gare de Versailles.

Paris Bus Express 1 stops desserte ponctuelle (Point Service):

Lycee International, Nicot, Les Lampes, Square de Monte Cristo, Square de Versailles, Le Verger St-Exupery, Ramon St-Thibault, Jean Witold, Les Pins Clos Courche, Beque, Louis Pelin, Passy, La Muette, Centre Commercial, Jasmin, Place Simart.

Paris Bus Express 1 transport connections:

RER C, Bus 9, Bus 9D, Bus 10, Bus 11, Bus 15, Bus 17, Bus 19, Bus 20, Bus 22, Bus 23, Bus 24, Bus 39-12, Bus 171, Bus 258, Bus 261, Bus 262, Bus 401, Bus 439, Bus 4401, Bus N145, Bus A, Bus B, Bus C, Bus D, Bus DF, Bus F, Bus H, Bus K, Bus L, Bus NUIT1, Bus NUIT3, Bus P, Bus R1, Bus R2-Sud, Bus R3, Bus R3-Sud, Bus R3-Nord, Bus R5, Bus TEx, Bus TRI, Bus Z.

Paris Bus Express 1 route maps available:

Paris Bus Express 1 - PDF (standard quality - 1.550 MB)
Paris Bus Express 1 - PDF (high quality - 3.516 MB)
Paris Bus Express 1 - Image (standard quality - 1.346 MB)
Paris Bus Express 1 - Image (high quality - 2.348 MB)

Paris Bus Express 1 timetables:

Paris Bus Express 1 Timetables - PDF (7.853 MB)
Paris Bus Express 1 Timetables - Image (5.337 MB)

Keolis Paris bus line 8 stops and transport connections plan

Keolis Paris Bus Line 8 Map With Stops, Connections And POI
This map shows the Keolis Bus Line 8 that travels between Gare de Villeneuve-St-Georges through to Aeroport Orly 1-2-3 and has stops in between like Lycee Brassens, Gare d'Ablon, Chateau, Zone d'Activites Les Guyards, Rue du Musee, Porte de l'Essone and Aeroport Orly 4 in addition to a few others.

Paris bus line 8 stops:

Orly Airport 1-2-3, Orly Airport 4, Porte de l'Essonne, Maison de l'Environnement, Parc Central, DGAC, Rue du Musee, Zone d'Activites Les Guyards, Chateau, Tamaris le Parc, Sacre Coeur, Gare d'Ablon, Brossolette, lycee Brassens, Weddingen, Raoul Delattre, Pont de Villeneuve-le-Roi, Gare de Villeneuve-St-Georges.

Paris bus line 8 transport connections:

RER C, RER D, Tram T7, Bus 2, Bus 3, Bus 91-10, Bus 183, Bus 191-100, Bus 285, Bus 292, Bus 486, Bus 487, Bus A, Bus B, Bus DM08, Bus G1, Bus G2, Bus GO C Paris, Bus H, Bus J1, Bus J2, Bus K, Bus LIC, Bus N, Bus N22, Bus N31, Bus N131, Bus N132, Bus N133, Bus N134, Bus N135, Bus N144, Bus OrlyBus.

Paris bus 8 route maps available:

Paris Bus Line 8 Map - PDF (standard quality - 0.510 MB)
Paris Bus Line 8 Map - PDF (high quality - 1.646 MB)
Paris Bus Line 8 Map - Image (standard quality - 0.712 MB)
Paris Bus Line 8 Map - Image (high quality - 1.291 MB)

Whereas the link below will take you through to the comprehensive PDF showing the areas or communes it covers along with complete timetables for the Line 8 route, which are valid until the end of December 2020.

Keolis Paris bus line 8 timetables:

Paris Bus Line 8 Timetables - PDF (0.362 MB)