Fat Tire Bike Tours in Paris

First started in 1999, the bike tours in Paris are conducted in English and with a day tour lasting over 3 hours or a night tour including a River Seine cruise, these are suitable for all the family, with dedicated childrens bikes along with buggies and child seats for the very young.

About the Fat Tire Bike Tours

The company was first started by a gentleman called David you moved to Paris only days after graduating in America, and the Fat Tire Bike tours was first launched on 25th May 1999, with a standard Day Tour, then not to much later in 2000 the Night Bike Tour was also launched.
Fat Tire Bike Tours Les Invalides
Over time the company expanded, and they were also the first company in the world to offer the unusual Segway Tours in Paris, and has become the largest Segway Tour company in the world, and by 2014 multiple offices have cropped up all over Europe and North America.

The whole concept was for a personalised and friendly cycle tour that would be suitable for all the family, so there are even baby seats available for children aged 11 months upwards, along with bike trailers for slightly older children like toddlers.

Kids tandems are also available for children up to the age of 12 that are not confident in riding their own bike, however, there is a weight limit for these, which is a maximum of 45 kilos.  So, anyone over this weight would have to use their own bike, but do not despair, as there is a 20 inch small city bike, along with a medium bike, which is a 24 inch city bike that is a scaled down version of an adult bike.
The adult bikes are a mens blue coloured California Beach Cruiser, and a slightly smaller ladies red California Beach Cruiser cycle that also has a dipped frame making it easier to get on and off and a lower standover height, which is actually the most popular option utilised.

You will find that the Fat Tire Bike Tours operate virtually every day of the year, no matter what the weather, and if it is raining, then you can purchase a poncho from the office, and if you do not use it, then the company will be happy to take it back from you and refund the cost.

The Different Cycle Tours in Paris

The Fat Tire Bike Tours company offers several different type of cycling tours including one for Versailles, and each has a different itinerary, duration and the amount of kilometres you will cover.
Fat Tire Bike Tours Eiffel Tower
Fat Tire Bike Tours River Seine
Now the first tour is known as the Paris Day Tour, and starts at 11am all year round or at 3pm from April through to mid October, and lasting for a duration of approximately 3.5 hours it covers approximately 10.5 kilometres with a dedicated English speaking guide.

And you will get to see the famous sites and monuments in Paris, discover fascinating and unusual stories, stop along the way for numerous different photo opportunities, plus have a break within the Tuileries Gardens, where you can enjoy a cafe nestled amongst the trees, although the cost of a drink or lunch is not included, so do bear this in mind.

The second tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours is known as the Paris Night Tour where you can get to see the City of Lights in all its glory, however, this only runs on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between mid October and the end of November and from mid February to mid March.  Although, this is run daily from mid March to mid October, and with a duration of approximately 4.5 hours these start at either 6pm or 7pm depending upon the time of year.
Fat Tire Bike Tours Notre Dame
And covering approximately 13 kilometres, the Paris Night Tour also includes a River Seine cruise plus either a glass of wine or a soft drink, and although early on in the tour you can stop to purchase an ice cream you do not stop for food, so it is highly recommended that you make sure you have eaten prior.

We would also like to point out that you do get a little more information on the Paris Day Bike Tour, and as you read above, the Paris Night Bike Tour covers a longer distance, so the choice is yours.  Yet you could even opt to do both of these Fat Tire Bike Tours, and you can get a discount if you book online.

Accessing the Fat Tire Bike Tours in Paris

The cost of a Fat Tire Bike Tour starts from €32 as of 2015, depending upon what tour option you choose, and you do not always have to book these particular Paris tours in advance, although during the summer months, this is highly recommended.
Fat Tire Bike Tours Louvre Museum
Paris Fat Tire Bike Tours
Also, we would like to point out that the Versailles Tour must be booked in advance, plus if you are a large group, or you need one of the baby seats or childrens options, then due to the limited number available, then booking is normally required.

Now when it comes to accessing the Fat Tire Bike Tours, some of these start from their office close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, yet for the Paris Day and Paris Night Tours, your meeting point is the exit at the Dupleix Metro station that serves line 6, which is located close by.