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Whereas here you can see the directory listing for Paris public transport systems with a general map, additional options like airport shuttle buses, cruises, bike tours, river boats and tour buses, along with general information and archived records.

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Map showing main Paris public transport options

Main Paris public transport map
This map above shows the main public Paris transport options available like the Metro lines, RER trains, Tram lines, SNCF and Transilien trains, Bus T Zen, and Bus Express lines. Yet if you need more detailed maps and timetables for each option or line along with regular buses, etc, then please see our other comprehensive transport pages.

Paris public transport maps available:

Main Paris transport options - PDF (Standard Quality - 5.781 MB)
Main Paris transport options - PDF (High Quality - 10.344 MB)
Main Paris transport options - Image (Standard Quality - 4.052 MB)
Main Paris transport options - Image (High Quality - 8.687 MB)

Additional Paris transport options

Private Horse and Carriage rides in Paris France

Looking for something different? How about a private tour of Paris by horse and carriage, that is great for weddings, proposals or part of a romantic weekend.

Tootbus Paris sightseeing bus tours of Paris France

The Tootbus Paris company has large open top double decker buses offering night and daytime Paris sightseeing bus tours of popular tourist attractions around the city.
- Tootbus Paris maps

The Montmartre Funicular in Paris - Cable Car

This cable car is called the Funicular du Montmartre, transports you from the bottom of the Montmartre hill to the top close to the Sacre Coeur Basilica.

Luxury Chauffeur driven Rolls Royce tours in Paris France

Why not treat yourself to a luxury Paris tour in a chauffeur driven vintage Rolls Royce, which will take you around numerous tourist attractions in the city.

Private river cruises by Green River Cruises in Paris France

The Green River Cruises has two luxury Pontoons that can accommodate 8 to 11 people that are ideal for small groups or private romantic trips on the River Seine.

The Paris Metro station Arts et Metiers stop

The Paris metro station called Arts et Metiers was redesigned in 1994 based on steam power science fiction and has become a unusual but popular tourist attraction.

Orlyval Train shuttle service to Orly airport in Paris

The automatic Orlyval train shuttle service runs every 5 to 8 minutes between the Antony RER station and the south and west terminals at Orly Airport.

The Orlybus shuttle bus service to Orly Airport in Paris

The Orly airport bus shuttle service called OrlyBus offers transport from Place Denfert-Rochereau by the RER and Metro station through to the Airport terminals.

Roissybus - Airport bus shuttle service to Charles de Gaulle

The Roissybus is a shuttle bus service that runs approximately every 20 minutes from 6am to 12.30am between Palais Garnier and Charles de Gaulle airport.

Taxis In Paris

There are well over 15,000 taxis that cover Paris and the outskirts, so there will never be one very far away, plus all the taxi drivers in Paris have to be registered.

Gare de L'est train station in Paris France

The Gare de L'Est, also known as Paris Est is one of largest train stations in Paris that has high speed trains providing services to the Alsace region of France.

Gare de Lyon train station in Paris France

The Gare de Lyon train stations in Paris has been modernised over the years for the new TGV high speed trains that takes passengers all over the country.

Batobus Water Bus in Paris France

The Batobus is like a normal bus service that stops at nine different points along the River Seine, letting people travel to the major tourist attractions in Paris.

Batobus Water Bus Stops on the River Seine in Paris

The Batobus is a very different kind of transport in Paris being like a shuttle bus system on the River Seine that has 9 different stops on its route.

Gare du Nord train station in Paris France

The Gare de Nord is the busiest train station in Europe that services around 190 million travellers every year with connections to other countries such as the UK.

Vintage 2CV tours in Paris France

Want something different? what about a Paris tour in Citroen 2CV with a English speaking driver, combined with champagne, dinner and even entry to a jazz club.

Gare Montparnasse train station in Paris

Gare Montparnasse is one of the main train stations in Paris that has 50 million commuters each year, and on the Grandes Lignes you can find the TGV trains.
- Jardin Atlantique Public Gardens

Noctilien Night Busses in Paris France

When travelling around Paris in the early hours of the morning, rather than paying high taxi prices, you can now use the Noctilien night bus service.

Gare d'Austerlitz train station in Paris

The Gare d'Austerlitz is one of the main train stations in Paris that is located on the left bank of the River Seine and originally called the Gare d'Orleans.

Velib Cycle Hire and Bike Rental in Paris France

The bike sharing scheme in Paris, known as the Velib, is the largest of its kind in the world and allows you to rent a bike on a daily or yearly aspect.

Canauxrama pleasure boat cruises in Paris France

The Canauxrama, offer pleasure boat cruises along the Canal Saint-Martin, Canal de l’Ourcq and the River Seine in Paris, including some complete day cruise packages.

Paris Canal company offers canal cruises in Paris France

The Paris Canal company offers canal cruises in Paris including cruises on the River Seine and the Canal Saint-Martin that are suitable for all the family.

Foxity Bus Tours in Paris France

The Foxity run bus tours in Paris both during the day and of an evening, they also offer a hop on hop off service and space for wheelchairs in the lower deck.

Marin d'Eau Douce private boat rental in Paris France

This company offers private boat rental in Paris with a range of electric freshwater marine boats letting you navigate the Canal de l'Ourcq with family or friends.

Gare Denfert-Rochereau the oldest train station in Paris France

Dating from the 1840s, the Gare Denfert-Rochereau designed by Alexis Dulong, is the oldest train station in Paris that is still in use today by RER trains.

Yachts de Paris - Elegant River Seine Cruises

River Seine cruises with Yachts de Paris have become well known for their elegant yachts, refined atmosphere, French gourmet cuisine and excellent service.

The Fat Tire Bike tours in Paris France

These bike tours in Paris are conducted in English and offer day tours or night tours including a River Seine cruise and are also suitable for all the family.

Don Juan II gourmet River Seine cruise with Yachts de Paris

The Yachts de Paris Don Juan II boat offers a luxury cruise on the River Seine along with a gourmet French meal by a Michelin starred chef in an intimate setting.

Public transport maps of trains, trams and buses for Paris airports

Download public transport maps for the Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports in Paris with train, tram and bus shuttle services to the different airport terminals.

Archive records and information

L'OpenTour Bus Tours of Paris  -  Now Tootbus Paris

The OpenTour company have large double decker buses with open tops and are very easy to spot due to their bright yellow and green colours, and they operate every day of the year on four different routes around the city of Paris.
- L'OpenTour Bus Routes

Les Cars Air France Paris airport shuttle bus services  -  Now Le Bus Direct

Now Le Bus Direct - The Paris airport shuttle bus services offered by Cars Air France travels to and from Orly Airport and Charles de Gaulle airport in air conditioned coaches.

Les Car Rouges bus tours in Paris France  -  Now Big Bus

Car Rouges or red buses are open topped double decker tour buses in Paris that can take you around the city on set routes to popular tourist attraction in Paris.

Paris Montmartrobus route map with bus stops  -  Replaced By Bus 40

NOT RUNNING REPLACED BY BUS 40 - Map showing the RATP Montmartrobus bus service that covers the Montmartre area of Paris, with street plan and bus stops like Sacre Coeur Basilica and Place du Tertre.

The Montmartrobus buses in Paris  -  Replaced By Bus 40

NOT RUNNING SEE RATP BUS 40 - There are dedicated buses called Montmartre Buses or Montmartrobus, that cover this area, and are run by the RATP group who provide public transport in Paris.

Twiztour - GPS Paris tours in electric cars around the city  -  CLOSED

NOW CLOSED - Green Paris tours in electric cars with a GPS audio guide that provides directions along with different facts as you visit some of the famous tourist attractions.

The Balabus in Paris France  -  NOT RUNNING

NOT RUNNING AT PRESENT - The Balabus is a great transport option, as it is a tourist bus in Paris that runs on Sunday afternoons and on National French holidays from April to September.

Paris Balabus route map with bus stops tariff zones  -  NOT RUNNING

NOT RUNNING AT PRESENT - Map showing the RATP Balabus bus service that runs on National Holidays and Sunday afternoons travelling between Gare de Lyon train station and the Grande Arche.

Vogueo Water Transport System in Paris to launch in 2013  -  NOT RUNNING

The new Vogueo Water Transport Service in Paris is to be officially launched towards the end of 2013, and there will be three different lines for the water buses.
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