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High definition photos of the Batobus water bus service in Paris France page 1

When in Paris you will no doubt want to visit some of the tourist attractions around this city, which means you may need to think about using some of the transport systems available, well one such system that is a great way to get around Paris, and do some sightseeing at the same time is the water bus service called the Batobus, which are glass covered trimarans that operate as a hop on and hop off service stopping at different points along the River Seine, as you will see from these photos.

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HD photo of the Batobus boat called Rivoli as it passes Notre Dame Cathedral

Batobus Boat Called Rivoli

With five stops on the left bank of the River Seine and three on the right bank, this is a photograph we took of the trimaran Batobus boat called the Rivoli as it was doing one of its hop on and hop off circuits, having just passed the Pont de l'Archaveche bridge and the fabulous Notre Dame Cathedral on the Ile de la Cite island.

Picture showing the Batobus stop at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Batobus Stop

We took this photo of the Batobus as it was just coming in to dock at the station located by the Eiffel Tower with the people waiting to board, and as you can seen in this image, it is located on the opposite bank of the River Seine to the Palais de Chaillot, which is a part of the building before the skyline overlooking the Trocadero Gardens.

HD photo of Batobus boat called the Trocadero

Batobus Boat Called The Trocadero

This is a close up photo of the Batobus boat called the Trocadero, and this is one of the six of these type of glass covered boats called Trimerans that operate a shuttle service up and down the River Seine, and as you can tell from this image we took, they are a very popular means of transport in Paris with different durations of pass available.

Picture showing the Batobus ticket office next to the River Seine at the Eiffel Tower stop

Batobus Ticket Office At The Eiffel Tower

As we were standing on the Pont d'Iena bridge by the Eiffel Tower, we took this photo looking down the quay towards where the Batobus stop is, and the unusual small building with its shaped roof that you can see in this picture, where you can also see lots of people by it, is the actual ticket office for the Batobus water shuttle service on the River Seine.

Photo of Batobus Eiffel Tower station with tourist queuing to buy tickets

Batobus Eiffel Tower Station

The quay below the Eiffel Tower is home to different cruises along the River Seine and this is a HD photo of the Batobus dock that is a hop on and hop off bus service on the river, yet we would like to point out that the Eiffel Tower station, as it is called, is the only Batobus stop that is accessible to the disabled at present, which is the one you can see in this close up image.

Photo of the Pont des Arts Batobus stop

Batobus Pont Des Arts Stop

Even though you do not get commentary on the Batobus water bus, it is run by the Bateaux Parisiens company who do provide sightseeing tours and dinner cruises on the River Seine, and you can purchase a ticket at any one of its eight stations, like the one in this photo with the water shuttle trimaran just by its dock close to the Pont des Arts or Bridge of Love, but if you purchase a ticket online, then you would have to pick it up at the Muse d'Orsay stop.

Picture showing one of the Batobus boats docked at the Eiffel Tower stop

Batobus Boat Docked At The Eiffel Tower

Here you can see an HD image we took of the Batobus hop on and hop off service, which operates year round on the River Seine from 7am each morning until the evening, and this photo, with both the EU and French flags flying proudly at the back of the boat known as a trimaran, was taken at its docking station at the Eiffel Tower stop on the opposite side of the river to the Palais de Chaillot.

HD photo showing one of the Batobus boats docked at the Hotel de Ville stop

Batobus Hotel De Ville Stop

We took this photo of the Batobus water bus on the River Seine as it was just coming in to the dock, or station as they call it, by the Hotel de Ville, which is also known as the City Hall in Paris, and as you can tell from this image, it is a pleasant way to travel and utilise the public transport, getting completely different views of the city.

Batobus boat on the River Seine in Paris

Batobus On The River Seine

The Batobus is known as a water bus, which is a hop on and hop off service that operates seven days a week all year round on the River Seine in Paris, and this is a photo we took showing one of the boats after leaving the Musee d'Orsay stop cruising to its next port of call at one of their eight stations, which makes this a completely different way of getting around the city compared to buses or the Metro.

This photo shows one of the Batobus trimaran boats approaching the Pont Neuf bridge

Batobus Trimaran Boat On The River Seine

To do a full circuit on the Batobus would take approximately 1 hour 40 minutes, yet if you were to start at the Eiffel Tower and did not want to get off until The Louvre for instance, you have to wait until it reaches your stop, but this has still become a popular tourist attraction in Paris, especially on a nice day like when we took this photo as the Batobus was approaching the Pont Neuf Bridge over the River Seine.

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