Orlyval train shuttle service to Orly Airport

The Orlyval is a shuttle service from Paris to Orly airport via train, which goes from the Antony RER station to both the south and west terminals, and is a driverless automatic light metro shuttle that opened back in 1991.

About Orlyval train shuttle service

Now the Orlyval is an automatic light metro train shuttle service that was first opened in the October of 1991 and at that time was operated by a private company, but was then taken over by the Regie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, or RATP group, who run much of the public transport in Paris.
Orlyval train
These automatic driverless trains operate a shuttle service between the Antony RER train station and the Orly airport south and west terminals, and with more than one train these run approximately every 5 to 8 minutes and only have a journey time of around 8 minutes between the Antony station and the airport terminals.

The first train of the day departs from the Antony station at 6am, and the last departure is 11am in this direction, and when you reach the Orly Airport, you disembark the Orlyval and walk through a short walkway that take you directly to the airport terminal.

But if you are travelling from the Orly airport via the Orlyval, so that you can get into Paris, then the first departure is literally just after 6am, with the last departure for this shuttle service being just after 11pm.

Accessing Orlyval airport shuttle service

Tickets for the OrlyVal can be purchased at the Antony train station or at the Orlyval Agencies in both the west and south airport terminal, and these are a cost of approximately €12 for adults, and €6 for children under the age of 10, as of 2015.  However, they can also be purchased from ticket vending machines run by the RATP and SNCF networks.

Now when it comes to reaching the Antony Train station, this is actually on the outskirts of Paris, in an area known as Antony, and you would need to take the RER B line trains from stations such as the Gare du Nord, Chatelet-Les-Halles or the Denfert-Rochereau, with an approximate travel time from the Gare du Nord to Antony being around 28 minutes.

Yet, we would like to point out that the RER B splits in different directions, and this happens before the Antony stop, therefore you need to look out for the trains B4 in the direction of Antony or Saint-Remy les Chevreuse.
Orlyval onboard train
Orlyval trains Paris
But if you happen to be on an RER B2 train going in the direction of Robinson, then you would need to change trains at the Bourg-la-Reine stop or before this train station in Paris, in order to reach Antony and the Orlyval shuttle service.

However, if you are arriving at Orly airport and wish to use the Orlyval shuttle transport service to get into Paris, then first off you need to find the departure points, and at the south terminal or Orly Sud, it would be Door K, by the baggage delivery area.  Yet if you are arriving at the west terminal, or Orly Ouest, then you would need Door A, which is located on the first floor.

Then, once you arrive at Antony train station after the short journey, you would need to swap to the RER B trains in the direction of Paris via lines B3 and B5.