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When we were visiting Paris one thing we had to think of was transport around the city, which you do have a few options, but if like us your French could do with just a little more work, then you may want to think about the Paris Metro system.  Now I have to say that I do not like metros or underground trains, but we did find the Paris metro easy to use, especially since you can select different languages at the ticket machines, like English!

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Photo of the Mabillon Metro Station in Paris

Mabillon metro station in Paris
There are actually 14 different main lines on the Metro in Paris and this is a photo we took that shows the Mabillon Metro Station on line 10 in the 6th Arrondissement of the city, which was first opened in 1925 and it was named after Jean Mabillon who was a Benedictine monk and considered to be the founder of palaeography.

HD photo of automated ticket machine for the Paris Metro

Paris metro automated ticket machine
This is a close-up photo showing one of the automated ticket machines that are available at each Metro station in Paris for purchasing tickets, and some take credit cards with a chip, while others take cash only, and you will also find that there are different languages you can select, like the one in this image that had French, English and Spanish available on the screen where you select what type of ticket you require.

Photograph of the turnstiles for the Paris Metro

Paris metro turnstiles
Now once you have purchased a ticket for the Metro that can be done through automated machines, you will need to feed the ticket through the machine located to the right of the turnstiles, which you can see in this photograph, and it pops out the other side, just remember to keep hold of your ticket in case you need it to be checked or change trains, but if you do have any questions or problems, then there is always a manned information desk, as you can see to the left of this image.

Picture of the Trocadero Metro stop which is found just behind Palais de Chaillot

Trocadero metro stop
Today, the Paris Metro is one of the busiest urban rapid transport systems in Europe that caters for over 4 million passengers each day, and the name Metro has been copied by numerous countries throughout the world being recognised as an underground transport network, although you will find that there are some parts of the system in Paris that are above ground, yet as you can tell from this photo, you will find many of the metro stops located in easy to reach areas and in popular tourist destinations.

Close up photo showing one of the Paris Metro signs

Paris merto sign
This is a photo we took showing the traditional Metro sign in red with white lettering that is always positioned on a lamp post just by the entrance to the station, and today, the Paris Metro is one of the most condensed metro systems with a stop being approximately between 500m and 1km apart, which means that getting from one part of Paris to another is very convenient and quicker than negotiating traffic, especially considering they run from 5.30am through to gone 1am.

This photograph shows one of the above ground Metro Stations in Paris

Paris metro stations above ground
Even though the majority of the Paris Metro is underground, there are some parts that are above ground, just like you can see in the image of this station, and the tracks are standard gauge of 1.4 metres, yet the trains themselves are actually narrower than some of the newer systems in France, however the city does boast having one of the densest metro systems with approximately 300 stops along with one of the largest metro stations in the world called Chatelet - Les Halles.

Picture of Paris Metro automated ticket machine at the Bir-Hakeim Metro stop

Paris Metro automated ticket machine
This is a photo showing one of the automatic ticket machines that you will find at each metro station in Paris, and as you can tell from this photograph, we took this picture while at the Bir-Hakeim Metro station, which is actually one of the closest station to the Eiffel Tower and elevated above ground station serving line 6, it was originally called the Quai de Grenelle when constructed in 1906 up until 1949, when it was renamed the Bir-Hakeim station in commemoration of the battle.

Photo of the Charles Michels Metro stop in Paris

Charles Michels metro stop
This is a HD photo we took of the entrance to one of the hundreds of Metro stations in Paris, which is located in the 15th Arrondissement, and originally opened in 1913 on line 8 with the name of Beaugrenelle station, it was changed to line 10 when the city Metro was extended, and then in 1945 it was renamed after Charles Michels who was shot by Nazis during World War II.

Photograph showing a map of Paris Metro underground lines and stations around the capital city

Paris metro map
We took this photo of the map of the Paris Metro, and as you can see, the lines are numbered, like the number 2 to the very left, but they are also in different colours so that you can more easily recognise which line you wish to travel on, and the transport network in Paris also has different zones whether it be purely for the city centre or for getting to the outskirts and places such as Chateau Versailles or the airports.

Photo of the Trocadero Metro stop next to the Malakoff restaurant behind Palais de Chaillot

The Trocadero metro stop
The Metro in Paris first opened for the 1900 World Fair, and the Trocadero Metro station, which was named after the Place du Trocadero, was one of the first stops on the line that was originally known as Le Metropolitain, yet later shortened to Metro, and as you may be able to see in this image, this station serves both the lines 6 and 9, making changing between different areas of the city easier from its strategic position.

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