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Just by the River Seine there is an entrance to The Louvre Museum and the courtyard where you can access the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and the Tuileries Gardens, and this is a photo of a bronze sculpture above the archways at this entrance that also has a placque above stating Napoleon III Empereur.

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Bronze Napoleon III statue by Antonin Mercie
This first HD photo shows a bronze statue group called Genius of the Arts, however, it is also referred to by the name of Apollo and Pegasus, yet some places also state that this statue is of a young Napoleon and therefore has a name of Statue Honouring Napoleon III, or just Napoleon III Statue, so it is hard to say which particular name is correct.

However, this statue sculpted in bronze has a mythical feel to it, especially with the fact that it is a winged horse, always referred to as Pegasus and one of the most well known creatures in Greek mythology, Pegasus is also associated with the God Apollo, so the name of Apollo and Pegasus does seem rather fitting.
Napoleon III statue on Guichets Lesdiguieres
One of the reasons that this equestrian statue is classed as that of honouring Napoleon III is because of a plaque above the haut relief, or high relief sculpture, which states the name of the Emperor and this statue replaced one of Napoleon III that had been produced by Antoine Louis Barye, yet the former Palais du Louvre also once had the name of Palais des Arts, which also relates to the other name that this statue is known by of Genius of the Arts.
Napoleon III statue at Musee du Louvre
But we do know that this statue was sculpted by Antonin Mercie who was born in Toulouse in 1845 with a full name of Marius Jean Antonin Mercie, and studying at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris to become a French sculptor, he won the Prix de Rome in 1868, gaining many other medals and honours throughout his successful career.

In fact, Antonin Mercie produced numerous statues, sculptures and monuments that can be seen at numerous different tourist attractions and places throughout France plus abroad in countries such as the USA, Denmark, The Netherlands, Romania, etc, not forgetting this one on the famous Louvre Museum in Paris.
South facade Guichets Lesdiguieres at Musee Louvre
Yet this photograph shows the entire south facade of The Louvre called the Guichets Lesdiguieres, which is flanked on either side by the Pavillon Lesdiguieres and the Pavillon Tremoille of the former Palais du Louvre, with the Genius of the Arts or the Apollo and Pegasus statue positioned in the middle below the top central pediment.

And you will be able to see this high relief sculpture by Antonin Mercie from the River Seine and the Pont du Carrousel, which is the bridge we were standing on when we took this picture as we were looking through the arches of the Guichets Lesdiguieres into the courtyard of The Louvre called the Cour du Carrousel.

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