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Restaurants in Paris France - Page 8

When in Paris you will many different types of restaurant that serve a wide range of cuisines including international foods, but you can also find restaurants that have some form of entertainment enjoyable as well.

Restaurants In Paris - Gourmet Restaurants - Restaurants With Entertainment
Brasseries And Cafes

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The Angelina Tearoom And Restaurant
With its elegant Belle Epoque decor the famous Angelina tearoom in Paris is still just as popular today with celebrities and tourists from all over the world.

The Il Vino Restaurant by Enrico Bernardo
Enrico Bernardo Il Vino gourmet and Michelin starred restaurant, is where you choose the wine, and the food is a surprise and perfectly matched to the wines

Goust Gourmet Restaurant by Enrico Bernardo
The Goust gourmet restaurant is run by world top sommelier Enrico Bernardo and is located within a Napoleon III historical mansion house in Paris.

My Boat Restaurant In Park Villette
Located inside Parc de la Villette the My Boat restaurant sits next to the Canal de l'Ourcq and provides French cuisine in an elegant setting inspired by the 1930s.

The Goutu Cafes In Paris France - Good Food At Great Prices
Need something quick to eat at a very reasonable price then you cannot go wrong with the Goutu cafes that provide sandwiches from €1 and a formula for only €8.

Le Bar a Huitres Haute Cuisine Seafood Restaurants
The four Bar a Huitres gourmet restaurants in Paris specialises in seafood and oysters, with products such as grand cru oysters that are 100 percent traceable.

Paris Yacht Marina In The 15th Arrondissement
The Paris Yacht Marina offers luxury cruises, private dinners, River Seine cruises through to tailor made receptions and events on different yachts.

Nuba Restaurant And Nightclub
The Nuba is a restaurant and nightclub with an outdoor bar and terrace that is on the rooftop of Les Docks that is open for lunch, dinner and night club until 5am.

Aux Petits Joueurs Restaurant and Music Venue
The Aux Petits Joueurs restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere with live music from different artists and bands, ranging from jazz, latin, blues, etc.

The Belushi’s Bars, Restaurants And NightClubs In Paris
The two Belushi’s in Paris are bars with live sports action on big screen TVs, but they are also restaurants and nightclubs with local and international DJs.

The Bizz’Art Restaurant And Live Music Club
The Bizz’Art venue has live music including soul, a nightclub with DJs, along with a bar and mezzanine restaurant all found close to Canal Saint-Martin in Paris.

La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant And Theatre
The La Nouvelle Seine in Paris is a converted barge that is now a floating restaurant and theatre which is moored on the River Seine very close to Notre Dame.

Sanz By Bizz’Art Restaurant And Nightclub
The Sanz by Bizz’Art club is a popular place for a night out in Paris that has a restaurant and Nightclub open till 5am with a great line up of DJs.

Peniche Antipode Floating Entertainment Venue
Located on Bassin de la Villette the Peniche Antipode is a floating childrens and adults entertainment venue with shows, concerts, cabarets and music events.

Le VIP Paris Dinner Cruises And Hotel On The River Seine
The VIP Paris is a luxurious Yacht hotel on the River Seine that also takes its hotel guests on an sightseeing evening dinner cruise serving gourmet French cuisine.

The Point Ephemere Cultural Centre
Located in a old warehouse Point Ephemere next to Canal Saint-Martin is a cultural space having concerts, exhibitions, DJ clubbing, a bar and fast food restaurant.

Tartes Kluger Savoury Pies
When visiting Theatre Paris-Villette, you can enjoy some delicious fresh homemade tarts and pies utilising seasonal and local products all made by Tartes Kluger.

Cafe Marco Polo
The Paris cafe Marco Polo is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner with continuous service providing seafood platters and a la carte meals.

Le Calife Cruises on the River Seine
The Calife offers lunch and dinner cruises on the River Seine on a 1939 converted barge that still has much of its old character like stained glass windows.

The Music Hall Restaurant In Paris
If you want to enjoy a good atmosphere, exquisite gastronomic French cuisine, but in a unique and trendy place, then The Music Hall has got be on your list for one of the restaurants in Paris that you wish to experience, in fact this is actually a completely unique venue within the whole of Europe.

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Restaurants In Paris