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Like most capital cities you will find a wide variety of restaurants serving a wide range of cuisine from all around the world, but with Paris being such a tourist destination this city just about offers every type of cuisine you can imagine, as well as serving this in some rather unique locations.

Paris restaurants

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Archive records and information

The Il Vino Restaurant by Enrico Bernardo - CLOSED

Enrico Bernardo Il Vino gourmet and Michelin starred restaurant, is where you choose the wine, and the food is a surprise and perfectly matched to the wines

Goust Gourmet Restaurant by Enrico Bernardo - CLOSED

The Goust gourmet restaurant is run by world top sommelier Enrico Bernardo and is located within a Napoleon III historical mansion house in Paris.

Aux Petits Joueurs Restaurant and Music Venue - CLOSED

The Aux Petits Joueurs restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere with live music from different artists and bands, ranging from jazz, latin, blues, etc.

Le Roland-Garros Restaurant - CLOSED

You can find the Roland-Garros restaurant is within the Roland Garros stadium which is where they hold the French Open Tennis Tournament each year.

The Bootlagers American Diner And Sports Bar - CLOSED

This American themed diner restaurant in Paris serves burgers, hotdogs etc, along with a takeaway service, plus they have a sports bar with large screen TVs.

Ma Chere et Tendre steakhouse - CLOSED

The Ma Chere et Tendre steakhouse provides some of the best cuts of beef from around the world like Charolaise and Black Angus through to sirloin and rib eye.

The Music Hall Restaurant In Paris - CLOSED

If you want to enjoy a good atmosphere, exquisite gastronomic French cuisine, but in a unique and trendy place, then The Music Hall has got be on your list for one of the restaurants in Paris that you wish to experience, in fact this is actually a completely unique venue within the whole of Europe.

Charbon Rouge Restaurant In Paris - CLOSED

The Charbon Rouge basically translates to red coal, and this is a grill come steak house restaurant in Paris with its main emphasis on Beef accompanied by specific wines, and these are all char-grill cooked, although they do supply a few other dishes you can enjoy as well.

Aux Charpentiers Bistro In Paris Established Since The 1860s - CLOSED

The Aux Charpentiers is a bistro in Paris that has been visited by numerous famous people over the years, and still provides good quality French cuisine.

Le 1979 Restaurant And Club In Paris - CLOSED

Located in an old dairy shop, Le 1979 restaurant in Paris offers a relaxed atmosphere for lunch, dinner or a Sunday brunch along with having a nightclub.

The Canteen Bus Alesia Restaurant - CLOSED

This Paris restaurant in the 14th Arrondissement serves traditional French cuisine in potions that can satisfy the heartiest of appetites and is open every day.

The Canteen Bus Gobelins Restaurant - CLOSED

This Paris restaurant called Canteen Bus Gobelins is located in the 13th Arro and serves French cuisine that can satisfy the heartiest of appetites.

La Cortigiana Italian Restaurant - CLOSED

The La Cortigiana restaurant in Paris is located within the Musee Maillol and has a warm, cosy and refined atmosphere within the old cellars under the museum.

La Villa d'Este Restaurant And Cabaret - CLOSED

The Villa d'Este restaurant and cabaret venue in Paris is close to the Champs Elysees and offers gourmet French cuisine for lunch or a dinner and cabaret.

Carrousel de Paris Cabaret - CLOSED Bar Only

If you want the best of both worlds with a cabaret and entertainment such as comedians or magicians, along with a dinner, then the chance to enjoy a night club atmosphere afterwards, the Carrousel de Paris, is a great venue for just that.

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