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You will never have any problems finding the right restaurant in Paris, as these vary from international foods like tropical, through to the wonders of the French cuisine with tempting foods like oysters, lobsters, French truffles even dishes you may not have tried before like the famous frogs legs and Foie Gras.

Paris restaurants

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La Favela Chic Restaurant And Club In Paris

The La Favela Chic incorporates a restaurant, a club and a contemporary art gallery that opens its doors at 7.30pm through to 4am from Tuesday to Saturday.

La Fidelite Brasserie Restaurant And Club In Paris

This Brasserie called La Fidelite not only servers great food, but it also has an apartment for private receptions and a club below for late night clubbing.

Barramundi Restaurant Lounge Bar And Club In Paris

The Barramundi in Paris is a restaurant that also turns into a nightclub on certain days of the week for those of you who want to enjoy a warm friendly atmosphere.

Japanese Bistro Restaurant

The Japanese Bistro is a unique in Paris, which offer you the best in Japanese cuisine at its restaurant in an authentic setting along with live performances.

Le Balcon gourmet bistro at Philharmonie de Paris

Le Balcon is a gourmet bistro restaurant with bar that is within the Philharmonie de Paris and offers panoramic views over the Parc de la Villete in Paris.

Les 400 Coups Restaurant

Les 400 Coups Restaurant at La Cinematheque Francaise in Parc de Bercy, is certified child friendly with Sunday brunch, snacks and different menu options.

American Dream Restaurant

The American Dream is a restaurant and entertainment venue in Paris with different spaces like the piano bar, cabaret shows, sushi bar, they even have Gogo dancers.

The O Chateau Wine Bar And Restaurant

The O Chateau is a restaurant and wine bar has a modern and relaxing atmosphere making this an ideal place for fine wine tasting and enjoying a delicious meal.

O Chateau Wine Tasting In Paris France

The O Chateau is a wine bar and a restaurant rolled into one, they also provides wine tasting events within an authentic historical 17th century mansion house.

Les Noces de Jeannette Restaurant

The Noces de Jeannette restaurant in Paris is located right by the Opera Comique and serves gourmet a la carte lunches and dinners in a lovely setting.

Cafe de la Paix Gourmet Restaurant

The Cafe de la Paix is a historical restaurant in Paris founded in 1862 that serves gourmet French cuisine while you its fabulous location by the Opera Garnier.

La Balle au Bond Peniche Cafe And Entertainment Venue

The Balle au Bond is a barge moored on the River Seine in Paris that provides a cafe lounge area and brunch buffet, but it is also an entertainment venue.

Le Wagon Bleu Restaurant

The Wagon Bleu restaurant lets you dine in an unusual location serving French and Corsican cuisine in an original carriage from the Orient Express.

Grand Marche Stalingrad La Rotonde

The Grand Marche Stalingrad La Rotonde has several different areas including restaurants, bars, boutiques, art gallery and Miniclub for partying until dawn.

Le Petit Journal Montparnasse Brasserie And Jazz Club

The Petit Journal Montparnasse is a Brasserie and Jazz Club in Paris, which opens at 7am for breakfast and does not close until the early hours of the morning.

Happy Days Diners In Paris

There are five Happy Days Diners in Paris, that are just known as HD Diners for short, and these restaurants are based on a traditional 1950s American diner.

Chez Ma Cousine Restaurant And Cabaret Venue

Located in the Montmartre area the Chez Ma Cousine restaurant has a cosy atmosphere to enjoy a meal of a lunch time or a dinner with cabaret show.

Cafe Suedois At The Swedish Institute

The cafe Suedois is a Swedish cafe in Paris that produces freshly baked bread, cakes and pastries, along with other snacks and traditional classics.

Ma Salle a Manger Restaurant

Even though the Ma Salle a Manger is a small restaurant in Paris within Place Dauphine, it is very popular with locals and tourists for its traditional French cuisine.

La Cantine Russe - Russian Restaurant With Entertainment

This is a Russian restaurant in Paris that is open during the day for lunch, but of an evening you can enjoy Russian cuisine meal along with free entertainment.

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