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Enjoying the French cuisine when on holiday in Paris with family or friends, is a great way to experience some exquisite French food like oysters or lobster, crepes, Foie gras, truffles or even dishes like frogs legs, and with so many different types of restaurants in Paris you can be sure to find the right place that everyone will enjoy whilst visiting the city of Paris.

Paris restaurants

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Le Train Bleu Restaurant in Paris

Train Bleu is a elegant and sophisticated restaurant in Paris that is inside the Gare de Lyon station, and this restaurant will take you back in time to the days of luxury travel with its impressive 1900s interior, along with its gourmet French cuisine.

Le 51 Restaurant In Paris

Le 51, also known as the Restaurant Cinematheque, is more of a cafe and snack style restaurant in Paris, which is located within the Cinematheque Francaise.

La Coupole Brasserie in Paris

The La Coupole brasserie in Paris is probably one of the most famous brasseries in the world, with famous people like Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, Mistinguett and Josephine Baker all having enjoyed the food at this art deco brasserie.

La Closerie des Lilas Restaurant And Brasserie In Paris

La Closerie des Lilas is a restaurant and brasserie within the Montparnasse area of Paris close to the Montparnasse Tower and the Gare Montparnasse train station, and is a famous meeting place for artist from all over the world.

La Rotonde Restaurant In Paris

La Rotonde is a brasserie style restaurant in Paris that has been established in 1911 and is a well known establishment in the Montparnasse area that is still frequented by artists, as it was from the very beginning.

Pavillon Laurent Restaurant In Paris

The Pavillon Laurent is a Michelin starred restaurant providing gourmet French cuisine whilst overlookingi the Jardins des Champs Elysees and its fountains.

Cafe Grevin In Paris

The Cafe Grevin is right next door to the Musee Grevin waxworks museum in Paris, and was designed with a domed glass ceiling in one part, along with wood panelling, red velvet sofas and chairs through to the numerous mirrors and spotlights around.

Cafe de la Musique - Now Cafe des Concerts

The new Cafe des Concerts has been revamped to include a modern chic interior cocktail bar, open kitchen, dining room and a terrace overlooking Park Villette.

Bateaux-Mouches Cruises On The River Seine

The Beateau-Mouches in Paris provides pleasure cruises and dinner cruises on the River Seine as you pass many tourist attractions along its way.

Au Boeuf Couronne Restaurant In Paris

The Au Boeuf Couronne is a French restaurant serving hearty portions in an elegant yet traditional restaurant that is next to the Parc de la Villette.

La Mere Catherine Restaurant In Paris

La Mere Catherine is classed as a bistro in Paris that was originally founded back in 1793 in the Montmartre area close to the famous Place du Tertre square.

MiniPalais Restaurant In Paris At The Grand Palais

The MiniPalais is a lounge style restaurant in Paris that is within the Grand Palais, that gives views of the Alexander III bridge that crosses the River Seine.

La Cremaillere 1900 Restaurant In Paris

La Cremaillere 1900 is in the Montmartre area by the Place du Tertre, and this restaurant in Paris is also a cabaret venue that has a beautiful private garden.

Le Batofar Night club and Restaurant In Paris

Le Batofar is an old lighthouse ship on the River Seine, that is a concert venue, restaurant and a night club that is open to the early hours of the morning.

Chai 33 Restaurant In Paris

Located next to Parc de Bercy, the Chai 33 is a modern chic restaurant that has fabulous wine cellars where you can choose your own bottle of wine.

Cristal Room Baccarat Restaurant In Paris

This is a sophisticated and elegant restaurant in Paris that is located within a mansion house that is home the crystal boutique and the Musee Baccarat.

Le Jardin du Petit Palais Cafe In Paris

This cafe in Paris is located at the Petit Palais, which is by the Champs Elysees avenue, and is an ideal place to stop and relax with a drink, snack or lunch.

Maxim's de Paris Restaurant

Maxim's has always been known as an icon internationally and it is no different at this restaurant in Paris which is frequented by the rich and famous.

Dans le Noir Restaurant In Paris - Dine In Darkness

The Dans le Noir restaurant is a completely unique concept where you dine in complete darkness, which gives you a totally different sensory experience.

Le Petit Casino Cafe-Theatre in Paris

Le Petit Casino is a dinner and show venue that features one man band style comedians and new talents in a brasserie style setting for a buffet dinner.

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