Cafe Grevin in Paris

The Cafe Grevin is located right next door to the Musee Grevin waxworks museum in Paris and only having been open since 2011, it now fulfils the dreams and ambitions of the original founders of the museum.

About the Cafe Grevin

Back in the late 1800s the founders of the Musee Grevin, dreamt of opening a cafe in Paris alongside the waxwork museum and eventually in the 21 century, this dream became a reality when Cafe Grevin opened its doors in the February of 2011.
Cafe Grevin tables and chairs inside
And located at the entrance to the museum and opening up onto the Grand Boulevards, which Honore de Balzac described them as they are in Paris what the Grand Canal is in Venice, this cafe in Paris is like stepping back in time to 1882.

Created in 2010 by the designer Jean-Francois Lohou with its domed glass ceiling in one part, the wood panelling, red velvet sofas and chairs through to the numerous mirrors and spotlights around, gives the Cafe Grevin a really unique atmosphere that lets your imagination run wild.

And located within the Montmartre area, this is an ideal place to refuel at a lunch time or enjoy a meal before visiting one of the many theatres or shows in Paris that are located around the area.

The cuisine at the Cafe Grevin

Referred to as the Snacking Menu, the Cafe Grevin offers this between 3pm and 5pm on a Monday to Friday, and from 3pm to 6pm on a Saturday and Sunday.  You could choose an assortment of cheeses, the plate of the day, a Croque-Monsieur salad with French fries, or a sweet delight such as sugar or chocolate crepes.
And as you would read if you looked at the history of the Musee Grevin, the founder of this waxwork museum in Paris was called Alfred Grevin and one of the dishes on the Snacking Menu was named after him, which is called the Alfred Burger, that is served with French fries.

There are also menu options available, which can be a starter and main course or main course and dessert, or a three course option, which in the French language is known as a Formule and as of 2018, this is a cost of €9 for an infant up to the age of 4, €19 for a child up to and including the age of 11, or for those over that age and adults, the cost is €24.50.

This is available for lunch only between the hours of noon and 2:30pm, yet you can also incorporate this into a package to visit the Musee Grevin for a cost of €8.90 for infants, €26.40 for children aged 5 to 11 and €36.50 for those above that age, as of 2018.

However, as with many cafes in Paris, there is also an a la carte menu with starters being items such as Pumpkin soup with shavings of chestnut, Landaise salad with gizzards, duck breast, foie gras and mustard sauce or Ravioli with cream and shavings of parmesan, with the option of adding mushrooms for a small extra charge.
Deserts at Cafe Grevin
Cafe Grevin facade
Main courses could be Filleted breast of poultry in a Chablis wine sauce, with rice and garden peas, Roasted salmon fillet with hazelnut, ivory sauce, soy, and mash of sweet potato puree, a Vegetarian option of Mushroom risotto with shaving of parmesan or Rib steak, butter sauce with Mediterranean herbs and French fries for instance.

Then there are desserts with delights such as Sweet French toast of Cafe Grevin, Chocolate fondant with chestnut ice cream, Seasonal fruit salad with mango sorbet or a Selection of French cheeses, with the average cost of a three course meal coming out at around €32 as of 2018, not including any drinks.

Visiting the Cafe Grevin

The Cafe Grevin opens at 11am of a morning every day of the week where it is open for lunch service from midday through to 3pm, and the snacking menu available from 3pm through to the 5pm on weekdays and 6pm at weekends, yet this museum cafe in Paris does not close until 8pm.
Bar at Cafe Grevin
You do not have to make a reservation, although it is a popular place and it is wise to book tables, but reservations are required if you are thinking of dining here as a group, but as you have no doubt gathered, this is suitable for families with young children, plus it is accessible to the disabled.

As we mentioned previously, this cafe is located at the entrance to the Musee Grevin in the Montmartre area within the 9th Arrondissement, and when it comes to getting here via public transport in Paris, you will find that the nearest Metro station are called the Grands Boulevards stop or the Richelieu - Drouot stop, both serving lines 8 or 9.

Alternatively, a little further walk away in the opposite direction you have the Metro station called the Le Peletier stop serving line 7, however, the bus lines 20, 39, 42, 48, 67, 74 and 85 will also get you within walking distance of this cafe and its unique museum in Paris.